DATRON and ProvenCut Announce Strategic Partnership

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The DATRON neo to be used to capture high speed machining speeds and feeds

Milford, NH, March 2, 2019 – DATRON Dynamics, Inc., a high speed CNC milling machine provider, announced their partnership with ProvenCut, an online provider of speed and feed “recipes” .

ProvenCut is an online platform that offers speed and feed recipes in an effort to increase consistent machining results. The ProvenCut database uses a dynamic filter that allows users to search by material, CNC machine tool, CAM operation, tool type, or more. The speed and feed recipes are tested and documented by machinists to help CNC operators make educated decisions on what cutting tools to select and how the tools will mill their selected materials.

“DATRON’s partnership with ProvenCut came to be from the reputation that the neo had built for being a easily accessible, high-RPM milling machine,” says DATRON Technology Evangelist, Dann Demazure. “I had reached out to John Saunders when the announcement of ProvenCut went live, looking to see if DATRON could contribute to their database. With John’s ambitious plans of growth for the ProvenCut database, it became clear that the easiest way to supply feed and speed data was to provide a machine for testing.”

The machine that DATRON Dynamics selected was the DATRON neo Series 2 which was recently upgraded to include a faster control pc, new spindle cooler, a Renishaw TP-20 probe, and more.

“With the neo’s small footprint, straightforward setup, and effortless learning curve, placing a machine at the Saunders Machine Works facility was a painless, 2 day endeavor. With the neo in place, ProvenCut can now provide ideal recipes for high RPM applications, with capability of up to 40,000 RPM. ProvenCut will be an invaluable resource for machinists of different disciplines to switch between different materials, different tool sizes, and different milling strategies.” – Dann Demazure

ProvenCut DATRON neo

High-speed recipes will be tested and refined on the DATRON neo currently installed at Saunders Machine Works in Zanesville, Ohio.

“ProvenCut is excited about partnering with Datron,” said John Saunders, ProvenCut’s founder and host of the popular YouTube channel NYC CNC. “This partnership will demonstrate the neo’s capabilities as well as the machine’s easy-to-use control. The neo excels at high speed machining strategies in plastics, aluminum, and even stainless steel. ProvenCut will help users maximize the machine’s capabilities and decrease programming time by offering turnkey CAM toolpaths and cutting recipes.


High-Speed CNC machining is more than 60,000 RPM spindle-speed. When you’re making small or complex parts, you need speed and precision at every stage. DATRON AG engineers didn’t just invent a faster, more precise CNC machine. They re-interpreted and optimized your entire machining workflow from start to finish.

About ProvenCut

ProvenCut was founded by John Saunders of NYC CNC and Saunders Machine Works. ProvenCut redefines Speeds & Feeds by conducting real-world testing to deliver cutting recipes with proven success. Recipes include: video footage, photographs, links to cutting tools, holders, and inserts, as well as comprehensive cutting information. ProvenCut is an easy-to-use website that significantly reduces the learning curve for speeds and feeds for any user of CNC machines.

Learn more about ProvenCut

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