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Do you need to automate your machining process?

Automation Is More Than Adding a Robot to Your Existing System

There Are a Number of Ways That You, as a Manufacturers Can Be Competitive in Your Market

You can reduce costs and cycle time, improve part quality, and keep employees safe. Automation can help you meet these objectives. By improving efficiency through system automation, you will reduce labor and make parts faster. You can accomplish this by:

  • Adding a robot for higher volume parts
  • Securing larger sheet material and nesting a series of parts
  • Install an integrated pick and place system for smaller parts controlled within the machine software
  • Automate workflow with cameras, probing and automatic doors

Automation allows you to produce parts over multiple shifts, reduce setup time, and eliminate operator fatigue, allowing your employees to produce more consistent quality parts—or focus on other valued-added jobs.

For several decades, DATRON has been working with companies just like yours to streamline their process with innovative technology. Every aspect of our equipment is purpose-build to make parts better, faster and smarter than ever before.

“Before DATRON, we were outsourcing our CNC work. 1 part cost us $8.00 and the vendor made 10 pieces per hour. Now, our DATRON makes 60 parts per hour, can run unattended at night, and only takes 5 minutes to change for the next batch. That part price has dropped to 50 cents!”

— Jerry Zagury, Dental Laboratory Group

The Benefits

Seamlessly Add Automation that Best Suits Your Unique Needs

Here’s what makes it so easy:

Application consultation

Our engineers review your parts and workflow to help determine if DATRON is the right fit for your unique challenges.

Immediate results

Stock machines ship within a week and can be making parts within hours after the machine is installed.

Plug & play system

Training, local 24/7 telephone support, preventative maintenance programs, internal diagnostics and customer exchangeable parts keeps your investment running with minimal interruptions.

The Results

“Running multiple parts on a sheet was completely new to us. What this does is give you the ability to keep your number of tool changes down over a 200-piece run. Reducing the number of tool changes has a huge impact on cycle time and this is a big difference between the DATRON and our VMC’s.”

— Paul Strippelhoff, President, Carbide Products (KY)

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The Value You Get

A Turn-key System Today with Flexibility to Meet the Needs of Tomorrow

When you work with DATRON, you’re not just dealing with salespeople. You’ll have a whole team working with you to improve your process through superior technology. Our full staff of service, support, and application engineers are here for you for the life of your machine.

Questions About DATRON CNC Milling Machines?

DATRON machines dramatically reduce almost every aspect of your machining workflow. If you have questions regarding DATRON CNC Milling Machines, tooling, accessories, or more, please contact us. 

For inquiries outside the US, Canada, or Mexico please contact


During the Covid-19 outbreak, DATRON remains open for business and is able to ship product,
support and service to our customers.