Do you need to precisely machine large sheet material?

No Other Machine Matches the Precision, Work Area, and Footprint of the MLCube

You’re Tasked with Accurately Machine Large Sheet Material

Sometimes you’ll need to reposition parts several times, adding extra time and the possibility for errors. Traditionally, a machining center with a large work area requires a huge footprint, is heavy, and is expensive to own and operate.

Alternatively, sign routers don’t have the rigidity or accuracy needed for higher tolerance applications. What if you could combine the advantages of both a VMC and a router?

Imagine Combining the Rigidity and Accuracy of a VMC with the Agility and Footprint of a Sign Router

Whether you are machining a large part out of sheet material or machining smaller nested pieces, the MLCube offers a large machining area with minimal floor space at impressive tolerances.

Some applications include:

  • Telecommunication antennas
  • Thermal management heat sinks and frames
  • Large aerospace parts and seating
  • Long extrusion milling
  • Thermoforming molds

Run smaller, nested parts or larger work piece jobs unattended with the large work area and vacuum table system.

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Watch the MLCube in Action

The machining area you need for multiple setups or batch machining

Versatility to handle almost any small part job that comes in

Gain machining space without taking up all your floor space

The Benefits

Being Flexible Makes You More Competitive.

Machine More—or Larger—Parts

Mill more small parts or larger one-offs than you ever have before in a smaller footprint.

Be Ready for Anything with Multiple Setups

Put a vacuum chuck on one side of the bed, a pneumatic clamp on the other, and a 5-axis unit in the front. Take on any job without changing setups. The space is there for you to use the way you want.

Learn and Produce in Days, Not Weeks

Start making parts the day this machine hits your shop floor with the easiest CNC interface in the world.

The Results

“We were running multiple shifts at capacity and now we’re running the DATRON on one shift and we’re able to keep up with demand. Plus, the volume has increased since we got the DATRON in 2011, so we’ve basically increased our productivity by over 300%.”

— Jim Lamson, Hayden Kirk

CNC Milling Technology for Your Success!

Touch-screen Interface
Aren’t pictures easier to identify than numbers or code? And easier means faster, right? That’s why MLCube uses icons and graphics like a smartphone and eliminates numerical input. All you do is touch icons on the screen to load jobs or select tools. The CAM-Wizard walks you though 4 easy steps to finish a machined part. Easy is Faster!
Camera-assisted Setup
The quality of a machined part starts with precise setup of the workpiece, including establishing a zero point for orientation. MLCube’s on-board camera virtually eliminates human error. When it shows your workpiece on the screen, just trace it with your finger, set the probing points, and let neo do the rest!
Large Work Area
Do almost anything with a large 59” x 40” bed. Position the workholding setups you use the most while keeping the flexibility to take them on and off whenever you want … without impacting repeatability. Conical inserts in the bed guarantee the position of your setups as you react to changing needs. (explained further on Workholding Accessories Page)
Up to 45-Station Tool Management
A graphic representation of the tool magazine gives at-a-glance stats on tool locations, types, diameters, and flute lengths. A filter function allows you to find a specific tool within seconds. The tool management stores all information on DATRON tools, eliminating time-consuming manual tool data entry.

High-Speed CNC Milling Industries & Applications

Industrial Manufacturing
Unattended batch-machining and production volumes. Precision milling of longer parts.
Aerospace & Defense
Precision machining of panels, illuminated instrumentation and other small parts.
Consumer Electronics
Prototyping and short-runs of housings, enclosures and internal components.
Medical Devices
Available with linear scales for high-tolerance components.
Job Shops
Increase your shop’s growth opportunities in new and highly-profitable markets with CNC machining.

MLCube Specifications

60” x 40” X, Y, travel
Machining Spindle
Up 60,000 RPM spindle
Up to 866”/min max feed rate
Tool Changer
Up to 45-station station automatic tool changer
95” x 90” footprint

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