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For too many businesses, prototyping and part making have seemed out of reach. In requiring either specialized expertise and bulky or costly equipment, CNC milling demanded significant investment.

And when you add to this investment the time and cost of training machinists, reconfiguration of workspace for large equipment, and maintenance needs, some companies end up out-sourcing, delaying bringing it in-house, or skipping it altogether.

We believe that companies that can make their own prototypes or do short-run production in-house have a distinct advantage over those who can’t.

And that’s why DATRON created the neo.

Transform App Users Into Machinists

What if you could prototype in-house and get to market faster? Or imagine the look on your customer’s face when you hand them a finished part—sometimes on the same day they ordered it.

With the neo, you can. It’s so easy to use, you can be machining parts on the first day you install it.

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Watch the neo in Action

Turn your ideas into reality faster!

CAM Wizard walks you through 4 easy steps to a finished part

Turn your ideas into reality faster!

The Benefits

Eliminate the Barriers Between You and High-quality, Speed, and Value

You can…

Begin milling practically immediately

Take control of this small, yet powerful 3-axis mill through its easy workflow. Virtually skip the machining learning curve with the new DATRON next software.

Mill just about anywhere

Install the neo where you need it. The neo was designed and built to fit through standard office doors and elevators, and doesn’t typically need special construction to accommodate it.

Achieve Picture-perfect Precision

Control the built-in camera with augmented reality and simple fingertip gestures that are familiar if you’ve used a modern mobile phone.

The Results

“Making a jewelry prototype or master model went from a week (7,200 minutes) to 15 minutes. Even a 30-minute cut, this is a 4,000% improvement. The DATRON neo is 240 times faster than our previous process. And we are completing the process within our own facility.”

— Phil Montalto, Owner, R&D Manufacturing

CNC Milling Technology for Your Success!

Touch-screen Interface
Aren’t pictures easier to identify than numbers or code? And easier means faster, right? That’s why Neo uses icons and graphics like a smartphone and eliminates numerical input. All you do is touch icons on the screen to load jobs or select tools. The CAM-Wizard walks you though 4 easy steps to finish a machined part. Easy is Faster!
Camera-assisted Setup
The quality of a machined part starts with precise setup of the workpiece, including establishing a zero point for orientation. Neo’s on-board camera virtually eliminates human error. When it shows your workpiece on the screen, just trace it with your finger, set the probing points, and let Neo do the rest!
Integrated Probe
Every Neo comes with a probe included, which means your parts can be perfect every time! Even if the part orientation is wrong or the surface has variance, the probe will detect it and Neo will compensate for it. Eliminate part rejection and be more profitable.
24-Station Tool Management
A graphic representation of the tool magazine gives at-a-glance stats on tool locations, types, diameters, and flute lengths. A filter function allows you to find a specific tool within seconds. The tool management stores all information on DATRON tools, eliminating time-consuming manual tool data entry.

High-Speed CNC Milling Industries & Applications

R&D and Prototyping
Quickly produce unique parts in metals or plastics
Intricate 2D and 3D engraving in virtually any material
Efficient milling of metals and engineered plastics like G10, FR4, Torlon, and Delrin
Precision machining of panels, illuminated instrumentation and other small parts
Fast production of medical parts with no degreasing required!
4-Axis Machining
Increase your shop’s growth opportunities in new and highly-profitable markets with optional 4-axis machining

neo Specifications


19.5″ x 15.5″ X, Y travel

Machining Spindle
40,000 RPM spindle
Up to 1,100″/min. max. rapid/feed rate
Tool Changer
24-tool automatic tool changer
32” x 51” footprint

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