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Stop Ring


To maintain precision cutting depths of direct shank clamped tools, a stop ring is required on the tool. This is so it can register against the spindle collet face consistently. The brass rings press fit onto the tool shank for a secure, one-time use. The larger dimeter rings use a set screw for clamping and can be used multiple times.

For your convenience, we have included in our eCommerce site a line of accessories that complement our line of tooling. Everything from consumables to hand tools to assist your everyday needs. Standard shipping rates apply with the entire line of accessories.

DATRON’s unique CNC cutting tools are made with a proprietary process:

  • We use high quality micro-grain carbide to provide superior tool life and long-term savings
  • A multi-stage grinding process delivers extra sharp, polished edges for burr-free machining, reducing or eliminating the need to hand-finish parts
  • Patented tool geometries that decrease cycle times, improve finishes and boost productivity

Check out this video on our tools:

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