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Stepped Single Flute End Mill


A stepped tool means the cutting diameter is larger than the shank diameter. This facilitates a larger cutting diameter for surfacing with spindles using smaller collet sizes. The single flute version is a good solution for heavier cuts with higher torque spindles. These tools are perfect for aluminum, brass, plastics and exotic composites.

Face mill tools are designed to remove a skim coat off the top of a surface. They generally are not designed for roughing and are very effective in truing up your material or quickly providing an excellent surface finish. These larger diameter long-life, micro-grain carbide tools are available in various cutting diameters and lengths, shank diameters, and geometries for specialty applications.

DATRON’s unique CNC cutting tools are made with a proprietary process:

  • We use high quality micro-grain carbide to provide superior tool life and long-term savings
  • A multi-stage grinding process delivers extra sharp, polished edges for burr-free machining, reducing or eliminating the need to hand-finish parts
  • Patented tool geometries that decrease cycle times, improve finishes and boost productivity

Check out this video on our tools: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=56ZsM_h13Vc

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