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Down Cut Single Flute End Mill


In applications when the top surface is highly susceptible to chipping or fracturing, the down cut spiral design is an excellent solution. This version maintains the forces downward instead of lifting, therefore reducing chipping or delaminating on surfaces. These tools should only be used in these unique applications and are not intended for regular milling.

This single flute tool machines non-ferrous materials at significant faster rates compared to conventional multi-fluted tools. The unique single cutting lip design has more relief and space for the chip to evacuate, allowing for faster feed rates and more throughput. These long-life, micro-grain carbide tools are available in various cutting diameters and lengths, shank diameters and geometries for specialty applications.

Datron’s unique cnc cutting tools are made with a proprietary process:

  • We use high quality Micro-grain carbide for longer tool life that saves you money
  • A multi-stage grinding process with extra sharp, polished edges for burr-free machining, reducing second operation costs
  • Patented tool geometries that decrease cycle times, improve finishes and increase throughput
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