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Polished Countersink / Chamfer Mill


For countersinking in plastics and acrylics, these polished angled tools machine the conical shape with near-translucent surface finishes. The hole should be drilled or machined prior to the plunge. These tools are designed for plastics and using them in metals will dull the edges quickly.

Datron offers a line of countersinking tools that can drill a countersink in a single plunge or mill a chamfered edge. These long-life, micro-grain carbide tools are available in various angles, lengths, shank diameters, and geometries for specialty applications.

DATRON’s unique CNC cutting tools are made with a proprietary process:

  • We use high quality micro-grain carbide to provide superior tool life and long-term savings
  • A multi-stage grinding process delivers extra sharp, polished edges for burr-free machining, reducing or eliminating the need to hand-finish parts
  • Patented tool geometries that decrease cycle times, improve finishes and boost productivity

Check out this video on our tools:

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