DATRON PerfectCut Smoothing



PerfectCut is a path-smoothing, symmetrical filter that provides a significant improvement in surface quality and shortens cycle times when milling complex geometries. With PerfectCut your DATRON M10 Pro, M8Cube or C5 can achieve highest level of performance without the need for post-processing – thereby maximizing your productivity! Even programs with rough or discontinuous contours (due to CAM calculations) can be executed seamlessly. So, the machine runs quietly with less vibration and maximized feed rates.

PerfectCut includes 5 preset dynamic profiles for feed jerk and acceleration on all axes which are independently adjustable. Optimal jerk and acceleration parameters for each operation are stored for future instances. Fast dynamic switching allows for efficient demand-driven use of dynamic parameters during milling (e.g. high dynamics when roughing and low dynamics when smoothing).

Achieve high-quality milling results faster

  • Significant improvement of manufacturing quality
    with shorter cycle times
  • Less optimization required when programming
  • No reworking needed in most cases

Improve surface finish within the same
or shorter production time

  • Increased path accuracy
  • No faceting
  • Perfect surface

Mill even the smallest free-form surfaces
and complex geometriesand get perfect results

  • Very high surface quality in all materials
  • Fast processing with very short segment lengths
  • Finest NC blocks with maximum feed rates

Take productivity to new heights

  • Fast programming
  • Fast calculation
  • Fast production

Extend the life of your machine

  • Less stress on all mechanical parts (especially the spindle)
    due to smooth running
  • Higher capacity while protecting resources
  • Increased end mill durability




Download PerfectCut Brochure: