Nov 6, 2019 | Press Release

Internally Contained Transformer Minimizes Machine Footprint While Maximizing Convenience

Milford, NH, November 6, 2019 – DATRON Dynamics, Inc. announced the launch of a single phase power supply for its neo CNC milling machines. The single phase power supply unit is ready for immediate sale and can be easily installed on all existing DATRON neos.

The introduction of the DATRON neo led to machinists and non-machinists expanding their cnc milling and rapid prototyping capabilities while placing the machines themselves in a multitude of different spaces. Although the small machine size is appealing (fits through a standard door), running a machine in a lab, garage, or an office building posed a problem for many operators. The lack of 3-phase power that’s typically required to run industrial machinery.

“A drawback of 3-phase is the expense. If a machinist is in a facility that doesn’t have 3-phase power and wants to bring it in, they could be looking at a large unplanned expense.” Christopher Gordon –  DATRON Service Manager

Almost immediately after the DATRON neo launch, Gordon and the team at DATRON Dynamics Inc. began working with parent company DATRON AG to create a single phase solution that could easily connect to the single phase power available. The two companies spent the next several months designing and iterating a unit that takes 208V or 240V power and evenly distributes it to each segment of a machine. Thus allowing the unit to ensure that no power loss occurred while machines were in operation.

“The process was a collection of study to understand how we could make the machine function from one device in any electrical offering. We found that we could do this with an auto transformer and reduce the size to the cabinet. From there, we developed a protective sealed housing and worked it into the front cabinet of the neo machine to maximize the floor space for the end user. Ease of use and maximizing shop space were two key concerns when designing this unit,” says Gordon.

He continues,

“After all designs were completed, they went through ElectroMagnetic Compatibility testing (EMC) to allow us to sell in all markets as needed. The single phase unit is completed with all UL, CSA and CE certified components and will pass electrical inspection in all arenas.”

With all testing and certifications completed, the new single phase power supply unit is readily available for sale and can be installed on all DATRON neo models by a DATRON technician. Additional information is available by calling 603.215.5850 or emailing

About DATRON Dynamics

DATRON Dynamics, Inc. is the premier provider of DATRON CNC Milling Machines, tooling, service, and support in North America. With an East Coast headquarters located in Milford, NH and a West Coast division in Livermore, California, DATRON Dynamics combines the benefits of DATRON’s German-Engineered CNC technology with first class service and support across the US, Canada, and Mexico.