Giving Back - Corporate Responsibility

Local/Regional Support

Milford Police Department:DATRON Dynamics President, Bill King, accepts an appreciation award from the Milford Police Department thanking the company for their donation and assisting them in getting new badges. While most towns receive state-issued badges, Milford wanted theirs to stand out and reflect hometown pride. DATRON Dynamics is proud to support local law enforcement and the Town of Milford, New Hampshire.

Buys & Girls Club: DATRON Dynamics supported the Soughegan Boys and Girls Club with a donation derived from the DATRON Wheel-of-Fun Game at the Milford Pumpkin Festival this year. This game raised $1,773.00 and those who played it seemed very happy with their prizes!



Destination Imagination: DATRON Dynamics is proud to support various charities both big and small. This includes the Milford NH - Destination Imagination at Milford High School who are helping teenagers in the foster system in times of transition in a unique and thoughtful way. In transitioning from one home to another, teens are often hesitant to mention that don’t have some of life’s basic necessities such as socks or underwear. Destination Imagination provides grab and go bags (useful backpacks) filled with necessity items. They’ve even considered anonymity and make sure that the backpacks are different and unidentifiable.  


  DATRON supports Destination Imagination who help teenagers in transition within the foster system.



SHARE serves the towns of Milford, Amherst, Mont Vernon, and Brookline, New Hampshire. SHARE provides food, clothing, and emergency financial assistance to those in need. The mission of the SHARE Program is to serve area families in need who do not qualify for government assistance or for whom that assistance is insufficient or delayed in coming. SHARE also collaborates with other organizations to provide access to services and information, with a goal to promote self reliance. Each year at Christmas time, DATRON Dynamics, Inc. sponsors families in need by providing the things they need most including warm clothing.

Learn more about SHARE CLICK HERE


  DATRON supports SHARE who provide food, clothing and emergency financial assistance to families in need.



THE ONE FUND - "BOSTON STRONG": DATRON Dynamics proudly supports The One Fund Boston. Initiated by Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick and Boston Mayor Menino, The One Fund Boston is a victims relief fund that helps the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred during the Boston Marathon on April 15, 2013.



  DATRON supports The One Fund who provides assistance for victims of the Boston Marathon bombing.



International Support

is a registered non-profit organization that provides a direct, immediate aid to African children. FUTURE FOR CHILDREN aspires to give as many children as possible a chance at independent living, and sees itself as an "assistance to help oneself". The association motto is: "A roof! A home! A future!" the Makemba orphanage was built in Kenya. The house building and the entire project was financed solely by donations, sponsors and sponsorships. Orphans are looked after, supported and trained. With the aid of the organization the children receive not only the basic provision of regulated meals, schooling and medical care, but the very important foundation for the path to a secure future. In vocational workshops in the orphanage at Makemba emphasis is placed on sound education. Only through education and training is there a way to the future. As a sponsor of "FUTURE FOR CHILDREN", for years DATRON has supported the construction of the orphanage. DATRON is particularly proud of its sponsorship. This can be seen on a specially created fence post with the inscription "DATRON 2004".



DATRON AG supports Future for Children who provides aid to African children.