Feb 27, 2016 | Press Release

DATRON Dynamics Launches Online Dental Tools Shopping Cart at LabDay Chicago

LabDay, Chicago, IL, February 27, 2016 – DATRON Dynamics Inc., announced the go live launch of a Dental Tools Shopping Cart at LabDay Chicago this year.

Already known in the dental industry as the maker of the award-winning D5 CAD/CAM milling machine, DATRON developed this shopping cart to make their line of dental burs available to a larger audience. DATRON Dynamics Vice President, Robert Murphy explains, “The DATRON brand is so closely associated with the D5 that customers are less aware that our line of tools is compatible with a wide range of CAD/CAM systems including Roland, vhf and Amann Girrbach. This shopping cart helps to extend the benefit of these tools to users of other systems.”

Indeed, DATRON develops high-tech dental burs for more than 12 other brands of CAD/CAM systems on this new website – all offered through convenient online shopping that includes a hassle-free return policy. The company claims that their tools provide better performance, better quality and less rework for labs and milling centers that produce dental restorations and implants from zirconia, chrome cobalt, titanium, as well as composites, PMMA and wax.

DATRON Dynamics Dental Manager, Ron Rosenthal, explains, “DATRON dental burs are the product of more than 6 years of research and constant improvements based on very close cooperation with universities and major milling centers. Plus, we’ve been able to leverage the more than 20 years of experience that we have with industrial tooling in optimizing tool geometry and extending tool life with specialty coatings.” In fact, independent tests have proven that DATRON tools have greater durability and longer lifespans that other burs on the market.

About DATRON Dynamics

DATRON Dynamics, Inc. is the premier provider of DATRON CNC Milling Machines, tooling, service, and support in North America. With an East Coast headquarters located in Milford, NH and a West Coast division in Livermore, California, DATRON Dynamics combines the benefits of DATRON’s German-Engineered CNC technology with first class service and support across the US, Canada, and Mexico.