Jul 14, 2016 | Press Release

DATRON Dynamics Brings the Popular TechDay Event to East Coast to Demonstrate High Speed Machining

Milford, NH, March 14, 2016 – following a very successful TechDay event on the West Coast earlier this month, DATRON Dynamics Inc., brought the show to their Headquarters and Technology Center in Milford, NH this past Friday. The event centered around manufacturing production solutions with a heavy focus on high speed machining. Current DATRON customers, prospects and CNC milling enthusiasts attended to see the latest advancements in high-speed machining technology.

DATRON Dynamics Vice President, Robert Murphy, said, “The turnout for this event was great and we had manufacturers come from as far away as Pennsylvania and Ontario Canada.” Those manufacturers came to the event with real production challenges in hand to research potential solutions in DATRON high-speed milling technology. To that end, DATRON performed live milling demonstrations on the award-winning M8Cube high-speed milling machine, the large format MLCube featuring linear scales and massive 60” x 40” work area, and the M10 Pro high-precision milling machine.

Production applications represented in the milling demonstrations included microfluidics, step stencils, engraving, thermoform mold making and general aluminum machining. Materials milled in association with those applications included acrylic plastic, stainless steel, brass and aluminum. Guests were also able to evaluate products and attend presentations by industry partners Macdac Engineering, Inc. (MasterCam), Schunk and Mitee-Bite Products, LLC.

Commenting on the TechDay presentations, Vladimir Arbutina a guest from Radison Ltd., said, “I made the drive down from Ontario because I know that DATRON represents a great solution for our manufacturing. Their technology is constantly evolving and there’s nothing like seeing it in action to help our evaluation process.”

About DATRON Dynamics

DATRON Dynamics, Inc. is the premier provider of DATRON CNC Milling Machines, tooling, service, and support in North America. With an East Coast headquarters located in Milford, NH and a West Coast division in Livermore, California, DATRON Dynamics combines the benefits of DATRON’s German-Engineered CNC technology with first class service and support across the US, Canada, and Mexico.