Feb 14, 2019 | Press Release

DATRON Announces Partnership in Autodesk Generative Design Field Lab-MxD

Chicago, IL, February 14, 2019 – DATRON Dynamics Inc. announced today that their high-speed machining technology has combined with Autodesk’s software innovation as part of the Autodesk Generative Design Field Lab located at the MxD (Manufacturing x Digital) facility in Chicago. MxD is part of Manufacturing USA, a network of 14 institutes all focused on advancing individual technologies and revitalizing US manufacturing. Their goal is to bring together the processes that manufacturers employ, in a single digital manufacturing and design facility – equipped with the world’s most advanced technology. Ultimately, MxD is a place where companies of all sizes meet up with innovators to develop disruptive technologies and plot the future of manufacturing. MxD’s mission is to provide US factories with the tools, software and expertise they need to build things more efficiently, less expensively, and faster, so manufacturers can win more business and bring jobs back to the United States.

One of the prominent spaces within this 100,000 sq. ft facility is occupied by software innovator, Autodesk. In developing this space, they decided to include “additive”, “subtractive”, and hybrid “additive/subtractive” manufacturing equipment to leverage the full power of their industry-leading software. For the subtractive manufacturing piece of the puzzle, they chose the award-winning DATRON neo, made in Germany by DATRON AG. The DATRON neo is a compact high-speed CNC milling machine with a revolutionary image-driven touch-screen interface that eliminates traditional numerical input required to program most conventional CNC equipment.

Autodesk’s Senior Manager, Business Strategy & Marketing, Sean Manzanares says, “When building out the Autodesk Generative Design Field Lab, we had a vision of world class vendors supporting the complete workflow from design through manufacturing. Autodesk has relied on the successful partnership with DATRON. Having the DATRON neo as the featured CNC milling solution was an easy decision because it showcases the ease-of-use and power of design and manufacturing within an integrated environment.”

This is not the first partnership between these two companies as DATRON neo is also in Autodesk’s Pier 9 Technology Center in San Francisco. John Sullivan, DATRON Director of Sales and Marketing, says that the pairing couldn’t be more perfect. “A lot of DATRON users choose Fusion 360 because the post processor is rock solid. Our technology is all about speed and efficiency. The fact that DATRON and Fusion 360 integrate seamlessly results in an unbeatable user experience.”

Nobody understands this user experience better than Autodesk Technical Innovations Manager, Rossen Maltchev, who has been selected to operate the DATRON neo at MxD. “I work with other CNC mills and VMC’s and there is nothing like a DATRON. These machines are fast, easy-to-use, and produce the best surface finish I’ve ever seen. The contribution that such a small machine can make to a facility like this is incredible!”

The DATRON neo is a compact machine with a footprint of 27.5” x 51”. Inside the machine is an integrated camera/probe combination designed to eliminate the time-consuming task of setting up jobs. The camera shows the machining table below and the operator can select the workpiece simply by tracing the area on the touch-screen where the workpiece is displayed. Once the part is located, and the machining parameters are set, any irregularity is automatically compensated for in the software. This virtually eliminates part rejection due to improper setup. An on-board “CAM Assistant” guides the operator through the program and tool management on an interface that looks and feels like using a smartphone. All of these tools combine to help even a novice operator create a machined part in just four steps. This type of innovation is exactly what makes DATRON neo a logical fit for MxD’s Generative Design Field Lab.

DATRON will be using this installation at MxD as their Midwest Technology Center where they will host events and demonstrate their technology for prospective customers and machining enthusiasts. VP, Business Development Robert Murphy, says “MxD in Chicago is the hub for digital design & manufacturing and the perfect to place to showcase our NEO machining system. Companies of all sizes can see the latest advancements in manufacturing technology and how they all work together. They can quickly fabricate a model or learn about the latest approach to improving manufacturing efficiency. Our partnership with Autodesk andMxD helps educate American manufacturers on the latest technologies for improving efficiency and making parts better, faster and smarter”.

DATRON Midwest at:
UI LABS | MxD | Chicago’s Manufacturing Hub‎
1415 North Cherry Avenue
Chicago, IL 60642

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