Industry Disrupting Neo CNC Machine Gets Several Upgrades – neo V2

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Announcing the DATRON neo V2

Milford, NH, November 4, 2019 – DATRON Dynamics, Inc. announced the availability of its neo V2, the second version of its industry disrupting DATRON neo compact milling machine. Since its introduction into the North American market in July of 2016, machinists in the aerospace, government, technology, and jewelry industries have lauded how this affordable-yet-powerful machine improves workflow and increases productivity. For the second iteration, DATRON added several upgrades to their powerful yet affordable neo machine to further refine the machine to allow even novice cnc mill users to create precision models, prototypes, and three-dimensional metal parts without leaving the workplace.

DATRON Application Project Manager Dann Demazure notes, “With the introduction of the Series 2 neo, DATRON has refined an already potent machine to push it to the next level. By improving the control performance with a lightning-fast PC, process reliability with a new spindle cooler, and setup accuracy with a Renishaw TP-20 probe, the neo V2 is further honed for serious industrial productivity.”

The neo’s single core CPU has been upgraded to a dual core CPU with twice the RAM resulting in faster program loading, simulation rendering, and startup, while eliminating control lag. Also, the Neo V2 also features an upgraded Renishaw TP-20 probe which increases machine accuracy and is available in wide variety of stylus sizes.
TheDATRON neo V2 full machine probe also features a magnetic breakaway for crash avoidance. The intuitive touch screen operation terminal featuring DATRON’s next software has been upgraded as well.  A support has also been added to prevent remote dropping due to accidental contact. Flow monitoring was yet another option added to the second version neo. As a result of this feature, machine spindles will be unable to run when they are without proper cooling – resulting in increased reliability. Lastly, all V2 DATRON neo cnc mills will be pre-wired for coolant level and vacuum level monitoring. Although additional options, vacuum and coolant level monitoring are particularly suitable for high-production customers.

Ideal for rapid tooling, design communication, and short-run manufacturing, the DATRON neo V2 is capable of milling a variety of materials up to 20” x 16.5” x 9” in size with its robust 40,000 RPM spindle and 24 station automatic tool changer. The Red Dot Award winning cnc milling machine was designed from the ground up to deliver a productive, in-office machining solution that improves and accelerates workflow, through a simple and clean operation that virtually eliminates post-processing.

DATRON VP, Business Development Bob Murphy observes that although spindle speed matters, a shortened workflow can be just as important. “Companies are no longer just purchase machines. They’re purchasing a process and workflow to help them be more competitive and keep costs low. The value stream and workflow need to be automated and seamlessly connected. The overall success of the neo V2 goes far beyond the impressive cycle times while milling,” says Murphy.


High-Speed CNC machining is more than 60,000 RPM spindle-speed. When you’re making small or complex parts, you need speed and precision at every stage. DATRON AG engineers didn’t just invent a faster, more precise CNC machine. They re-interpreted and optimized your entire machining workflow from start to finish.

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“The speed and accuracy of the MXCube will satisfy even the most demanding of customers. The streamlined process of setting up jobs quickly and easily is what I find most impressive about the technology,” says DATRON VP of Operations Robert Murphy. "

Here are a few pictures of the MXCube being loaded into our Tech Center. The MX and its Chip Management System fit in pretty nicely alongside the MLCube, M8Cube, and neos. What do you think of the new machine?

Learn more about the MXCube here:


We're excited to announce the arrival of our newest machine, the MXCube! The newest addition to our tech center is perfect for mold making, product development, micromachining, and more.

Learn more about the MXCube:

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Did you know that Great White Sharks have a high speed approach of their own? They quickly swim from below their prey to the surface with the resulting momentum taking the shark out of the water. Keep an eye out for a new "predator" coming soon...
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Aluminum, composites, steel and... foam? With geometrically optimized tooling, the same machine that produced your part can also be used to mill its packaging. Video speeds & feeds: 6mm foam cutter @ 30k RPM, 6mm DOC & 3mm foam cutter @ 35k RPM, 4mm DOC.

Should you use an extremely fast feed rate of 300"/min or take things slow at 60"/min? The unpopular answer is "it depends". In the case of shallow roughing of 6061, you should be fine with a full send, but definitely dial it back for finishing passes.

What if you didn't have to stop milling to add tooling? With ToolAssist, operators can repeatedly load up to five tools during machine operation for a greater variety of tools and the ability to use sister tools in series production.

Learn more:

Do you need to produce holes as small as .004" (0.1mm) with smooth walls and well-defined edges? If you're producing parts that require micro drilling, combining high-speed milling techniques with a spray-mist coolant system will help.

A DATRON Triple Flute Foam End Mill on the DATRON neo made quick work of this foam insert for our sample kits. Keep your eyes open for a special DATRON tooling announcement in the coming weeks.

Speeds / Feeds: 35k RPM, 5k mm/min feed rate, 6mm DOC

Producing the perfect part takes a lot of work. Are you putting the same thought into its packaging? This morning we're CAM'ing out foam inserts in @adskfusion360 for a bottle opener that will be included in the new sample cases for our sales team.

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