This is a low volume production of small parts machined from Torlon.

Manage Both Low Volume & High Mix Production with 1 Machine. As Long As It's a High-Speed Datron Machine.

Ideal for low volume (1 - 1,000) small part runs. Designed for quick job setup & change over to facilitate high mix.
DATRON = True Versatility!

Manufacturing in the States is not gone. Manufacturing in the United States has just changed. Now, product development, rapid prototyping and short runs have become the order of the day ... and can be very profitable business. But, manufacturers setting their sights on this low-hanging fruit had best be flexible enough to handle a wide variety of projects that range from low volume production to high mix production. Datron high-speed CNC machining centers help you to achieve the type of flexibility required in today’s market.

Efficient machining with small tools: In manufacturing for today’s high-tech environment, micro machining is a necessity. And, in order to achieve efficiency with small tools, you need a machining center designed for them... exclusively. Our ultra-high-speed spindles exhibit very low force ... which translates to high feed rates with maximized tool life and superb, burr-free surface and edge finishes. Plus, this low force allows us to use vacuum power as an effective means of holding parts in place during machining. The ease-of-use of our workholding yields fast job set up and change over. Our Quick-Pallets technology and probing capability quickly registers new jobs so that machining can begin immediately. So, if one low volume production batch of small parts is running and a couple of high mix production, one-off, rapid prototyping jobs come in, you can switch in seconds. Best of all, when those high mix production small parts are completed, just place the low volume production batch of small parts back on the machining table and pick up where you left off — the machine features powerful probing and control software that literally does the set up or re-registration for you.

Datron machining ceters mill, drill, cut, rout, engrave, countersink and threadmill. This multi-function capability has significantly impacted both low volume production and high mix production in the following areas:

PCB manufacturing, micro hole drilling, EDM electrodes, hot stamping and embossing dies, 3D mold making, rapid prototyping, 3D precision engraving, front panels and the production of automotive and aerospace parts.



This is a high mix production of small parts produced for rapid prototyping.


G10 ... and more!

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