WEBINAR: Job Shop Series Vol. 1


TODAY at 2pm


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Featuring Guest Speaker:
Tim Allard, Owner of Rapid DTM



What are the challenges of a Job Shop? How can you get past bidding on work that everyone bids on and expand capabilities to open up new revenue streams? Start bidding on the work you used to "no bid."

This Webinar will be hosted by DATRON Applications Project Manager, Dann Demazure, and will feature Guest Speaker, Tim Allard, who is a job shop owner and expert machinist. Tim's shop, RapidDTM runs a variety of equipment with most of their machining done on DATRON and HAAS machines. Their diversification and methodology has resulted in growth and a steady flow of jobs for a range of customers including Aerospace giant BAE Systems. READ CASE STUDY

Other Webinar topics include:

This 30 - 40 webinar will be followed by a Q&A where you can get answers to your specific questions.

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