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From Prototype To Production, DATRON Dynamics Optimizes Your Machining Process With Touchscreen Driven DATRON CNC Machines

DATRON CNC Machines and Cutting Tools

DATRON CNC milling machines feature German engineering with precision, ease-of-use, and speed in mind.

The next control software brings smartphone-like ease of use and simplicity to machining. DATRON next is the ideal solution for cost-efficient production given different machining requirements, components, and batch sizes.

DATRON machine systems offer a large machining area with a small footprint.

DATRON’s high-speed spindles permit the use of high-speed milling tools that are as small as 0.1 mm while also delivering high cutting performance with tools up to 24 mm in diameter.

The ergonomically designed access to the working area at the front of the DATRON milling machine allows workpieces to be set up quickly and easily. Everything the machine operator needs is clearly laid out.

The revolutionary combination of an integrated camera to assist with probing job setups eliminates the complexity of complicated probing routines with the touch of a finger.

The automatic tool changer options for DATRON machining systems offer up to 143 tool stations, increasing the flexibility and efficiency of the milling machine.

The optimized MQL coolant system was designed from the ground up for ethyl alcohol and offers burr-free finishes with no secondary part cleanup.

Are you planning to further increase your production output through automation? DATRON Dynamics CNC solution experts will be happy to provide advice and assistance.

CNC Machines

DATRON high-speed CNC machines produce precision, complex parts that are burr-free and surgically clean in a fraction of the time.

These compact CNC milling systems use very little floor space relative to their large machining area, require less power than traditional machines, and can be customized to meet your exact needs. Looking to finance? No problem, we’ve got you covered! Ask about our simple leasing process for 12 to 84 month lease terms.

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CNC Milling Tools

DATRON offers a complete line of high-quality micro grain carbide milling tools specially designed for high-speed machining. The tooling is optimized for machining at 15,000 RPM or above, to deliver superior surface finishes with high efficiency. DATRON tooling is available for purchase on our online tooling store.

DATRON AG – Manufacturer of DATRON Technology

For over 50 years, DATRON AG has been designing and manufacturing equipment for high-tech companies across Europe. In 1996, DATRON AG expanded to the North American market by establishing DATRON Dynamics, Inc. with Bill King. Together as the manufacturer and as a distributor, DATRON AG and DATRON Dynamics have provided manufacturing solutions to companies of all sizes and applications.

About DATRON Dynamics in North America

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Streamline Your Machining Process

DATRON CNC machines and high-speed spindles will increase your feed rates and ensure faster cycle times. And, since moving through material faster and efficiently evacuating chips from the tool and cutting channel will reduce friction and heat, you get a better finish on your parts and longer life for your cutting tools.


Install Faster

Installation is simply easier, so your new DATRON CNC machine is up and running in hours.


Integrate Faster

DATRON machines seamlessly integrate with your workflow, so you make parts almost immediately.

Set Up Faster

Get productive faster with DATRON’s award-winning touchscreen interface.


Mill Faster

Reduce your cycle times by 50% or more with our high-speed spindles and patented tooling technology.



Finish Faster

No oil means your parts come off your DATRON CNC machine lightning fast and surgically clean.


Service Faster

U.S.-based, highly skilled service and support team is ready to quickly resolve any issues you may encounter.

Hear From DATRON Clients

Reduce Your Entire Machining Workflow Time

We were running multiple shifts at capacity and now we’re running the DATRON on one shift and still keeping up with demand. Plus, the volume has increased since we got the DATRON in 2011, so we’ve basically increased our productivity by over 300%

Jim Lamson – Hayden Kirk

The Future of the CNC Industry

There is only one machine, and machine builder, on the planet that represents exactly my view of the future of the CNC industry and that’s the next control and the newest generation of DATRON machines.

Jeff Heinz – Senior Prototyping Manager

Questions About CNC Milling Machines

Our DATRON experts help many customers bring manufacturing in-house. Reach out to our team to see which machine and accessories are the right fit for your parts.