Milling Graphite with Graphite Vortex integrated on Datron high speed CNC milling machine

The Graphite Machining Home Page - with Datron CNC & Graphite Vortex, Milling Graphite is no longer "dirty work".

Other equipment manufacturers may tell you that working with graphite is the same as any other substrate. The reality is that processes like redressing graphite ram EDM dies and machining electrodes produces an abrasive dust that can be damaging to CNC machines and reduce their efficiency. That’s why Datron has engineered The Graphite Vortex™ specifically for your unique application and environment. The Vortex™ is seated and secured to the machining table using our proprietary Quick-Pallets™ technology. A cylinder surrounds the workpiece and machining spindle. Dust falls into a cylinder that features a spiral (or vortex) airflow so that dust keeps moving and never has a chance to settle in.

When graphite dust settles on surfaces, it becomes stubborn and is hard to remove. That’s why Datron engineers developed a way to keep the dust swirling in a spiral air flow. The cylinder and suction hose on The Graphite Vortex™ feature a special geometry to create a vortex effect.

An industrial brush head extends the height of the vortex to capture stray particles, while at the same time, allowing the spindle and probe to move in and out of the machining area — without restricting their movements.
Machining Graphite Electrodes with Datron CNC milling machine equipped with Graphite Vortex Dust Collection System
Graphite Vortex for Dust Control during milling graphite electrodes on Datron CNC milling machines
Machines Made for Milling Graphite:
We’ve gone to great lengths to protect our machines from abrasive dust. On various models, the linear guide ways and precision ground ball screws are covered and feature positive airflow as well as an automatic greasing system that forces any debris out of the machines’ working parts. A 60,000 RPM spindle is pressurized to prevent any dust from entering the bearings. The enclosure is designed for optimized airflow and can easily be fitted with a dust collector or your existing dust collection system to keep airborne dust in check. Plus, our products’ compact design, together with the 208V-7 Amps power requirement, allows it to be placed right next to your ram EDM machine.
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Graphite Milling Dust Control System

> Secure Quick-Pallet base
> Suction cylinder
> Suction hose (36mm)
> Industrial-strength brush head
> Enclosure exit for hose


> Graphite machining
> Plastic machining
> PCB routing & drilling
> Machining ceramics

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