CNC Dispensing Machines 

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DATRON CNC Dispensing Machines are used for consistent dispensing of silicone, polyurethane and other fluids used for bonding, sealing, and grouting



DATRON dispensing systems offer both precision and flexibility with a combination of electronic dispensing heads and patented control software. The use of unique software technology allows speed-independent dispensing, which ensures fast dispensing speeds and short cycle times. Also, these systems work independently of pressure and viscosity, so that process parameters don't need to be adjusted due to modified manufacturing conditions. With a variety of accessories developed for dispensing tasks, DATRON offers turn-key solutions from one source to guarantee optimum quality for your manufacturing.

Efficient / Versatile


CNC dispensing machines from Datron are used for dispensing of liquids like polyurethane and silicone for sealing, bonding, grouting and joiningAPPLICATIONS

Hotmelts (hot-melt adhesives) -
used in automotive manufacturing, electrical engineering, furniture manufacturing and the textile industry.

Grouting -
resin systems used for casting, encapsulating or embedding electronic components.Used in electrical engineering and electronics, mechanical engineering, mold making and the cable industry. Form in Place (FIP)

Sealing - liquid seal used instead of gaskets for plastic and metal housings and assemblies for electronics, automotive, telecommunication and consumer or household goods.

Bonding - automated gluing used in all industrial sectors - automobile, aerospace, shipbuilding, food, medical, hygiene and electronics.

Use Datron CNC dispensing machines for an even and consistent bead when dispensing sealants and adhesives as well as hot melts, grouting and bondingMATERIALS

Silicone, polyamides, polyurethane or polvoefine (reactive or non-reactive), oven- and room-temperature hardening epoxy-resin systems, polybutadiene, MS polymers (MS=modified silane), POP hybrid polymers, 1-component sealants, adhesives, casting material, EMC shields, hotmelts and abrasive materials.

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