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Digital Experience – Thread Milling

If Thread Milling is Good Enough for NASA…

It’s true. Thread milling originated as a response to a problem NASA had – the need to machine high quality threads in tough materials – and there’s a reason for it’s popularity. Thread milling produces a better quality result when compared to rigid tapping, but that’s not the only benefit. The real story is the versatility that can improve your entire process. 

What if you could make a variety of different threads with a single tool instead of many? Imagine the time savings and impact reducing tool changes would have on your workflow. Not to mention the savings on tooling costs and increased tool life as well.

Other benefits of Thread Milling include:


  • Lower Cutting forces
  • Decreased spindle wear
  • Producing multiple sized threads with one tool  
  • Helical milling = better chip evacuation

Why Thread Milling? 

There are many ways to mill threads on a DATRON, but which way is the best for your parts? A thread mill can be used to create custom pitch threads, right hand or left hand, inside threads or outside threads all with one tool. The real benefits – versatility, better quality threads, and less tooling.  

Machinists and engineers are always under pressure to Save Time and Reduce Costs. Learn more about thread milling by taking a look at our latest Digital Experience Day video below. In it you’ll learn 4 different approaches for making precision threads using DATRON tooling. 


Questions About DATRON CNC Milling Machines?

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