The DATRON D5 Derntal Mill was the first industrial machine worldwide to be controlled via an Apple iPad.

This provides a simple and intuitive interface to load or activate new milling jobs, manage material blanks or define different types of tools – all is managed with a touch. The iPad is removable, and allows you to monitor all major machine functions and manage jobs remotely. Using the “Live View” function, the operation inside the machine is transmitted to the iPad. So there is no need to look in the machine to see what is being milled … just monitor it from your office.

The D5 control software includes, among other features, the following functionality:

  • Sister Tool Management
  • End mill, Blank and Job Management
  • Machining Path Supervision
  • Machine Status Display
  • SMS Status Notification
  • Live View Video Monitoring


Watch How it Works:

5-Axis Milling of Titanium Implant Bar

  • Titanium implant parts
    - Single custom abutments
    - Screw-retained bridges
    - Hybrid and Overdenture bars
  • Fixed restorations
    - Zirconia, Titanium, CoCr, Glass ceramics, PMMA, Wax
    - Crown, bridge, inlay, onlay, telescope
DATRON D5 dental milling machine is designed for precision 5-axis milling of titanium implant bars, custom abutments, crew retained bridges as well as zirconia crowns and many other dental indications and dental implants that require superior fit DATRON D5 Brochure    



















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