DATRON Support

DATRON service and application technicians are located at several technology centers accross the country helping to maximize your CNC milling machine investment.


Datron customer support begins before you ever meet us. It hinges on smart machine design that makes our products easy to use and service. From the first telephone call, to your visit for a demonstration and on into many years of efficient production, Datron specialists are here to help you. Here are a few elements that help you protect your investment:

Our number one priority is to make sure you are always in production. Therefore, DATRON employs a staff of service technicians that are ready to take your call. You can be assured of a timely response so we can promptly work on your issue without delay. We have many programs and policies in place to minimize your downtime.

The entire DATRON system has been designed from a service-friendly point of view. All the components are modular with a plug and play style. This allows the customer the option to replace the component themselves without additional costs of a service call. Most component failures can easily be replaced by the machine operator in a matter of minutes. We have an exchange program for most common parts.

We stock in our New Hampshire location a complete line of spare parts, modular assemblies and tools so that if you need a replacement part, we can ship it to you next day. One example of this is our industry leading spindle replacement program that is comparably low in cost and can be performed by a machine operator in minutes.

On-line diagnostics help trouble-shoot any issue swiftly and precisely. Through the Internet, we can determine accurately what the issue is with your machine and the best course of action to resolve the problem. With our Windows based control software and your permission, we can go right onto your machine and diagnose the problem. This minimizes down-time and unnecessary costs in trouble-shooting.

CNC Applications / Service Technicians

DATRON CNC applications and technicians are dedicated to training high speed milling machine users and keeping DATRON high speed CNC machining centers up and running.