DATRON AG (Germany)

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DATRON AG is a publicly traded, internationally successful high-tech company from Mühltal-Traisa near Darmstadt.

Their core products include CNC milling machines for high speed milling (HSC-milling) and 3D engraving, dental milling machines for the efficient processing of all common dental implants in dental laboratories, dispensing machines for accurate and quick bonding and sealing, tools for high-speed cutting and after-sales services such as training, support, accessories and sale of spare parts.

Their products distinguish themselves by a high degree of innovation and a strong focus on the customer’s benefits. Since almost 25% of their employees work in Research & Development, they can respond quickly to new market trends and milling challenges associated with future-oriented materials such as composites. The modular design of DATRON machines allows them to be configured for individual customer requirements. DATRON equipment is more energy efficient due to its innovative lightweight design, and is therefore more cost-effective than comparable machines with the same level of performance.

DATRON AG manufactures equipment in Germany and has a worldwide distribution network in over 20 countries.


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