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Do CNC Machine Controls Really Need To Be So Complicated?

It’s hard to find experienced machinists. And when you do find one, they’re either over-worked and too busy—or work is slow and you’re trying to keep them occupied. What you really need is the flexibility to have almost anyone be able to setup & operate your CNC equipment. Wouldn’t it be great to have a control system that was so easy to use, your whole team could learn to run the machine in just a few hours—with no prior machining experience? If only your CNC control was as intuitive and easy-to-use as a smartphone! The DATRON next control, just made that a reality!

Welcome To The Future. Welcome To DATRON next Control.

The DATRON next control software features a touchscreen interface that’s as easy to use as your smartphone. Whether your into high-volume machining or prototyping – whether you’re an experienced machinist or the new guy on the floor – this next gen machine interface is going to change the way you work.

The next control guides you through the 4-step setup process, the graphic icons make it easy to identify various functions, and the tap and swipe operation makes CNC milling almost as easy as 3D printing. But the best, and most unique, feature is that the camera in the working area is integrated with the touchscreen display and the XYZ sensor. That allows you to set the origin of your workpiece with a simple swipe on the touchscreen, eliminating the need to manually input all that complex numerical data. And don’t forget to check out DATRON’s REST API to enhance your automation options!

The Simplest and Easiest to Learn CNC Software

DATRON’s next control software has an extremely short learning curve and integrates into your process seamlessly because it works with the leading CAD/CAM software packages.

  • Simple tap and swipe interface with graphic images.
  • Augmented reality that puts you in the “driver’s seat”.
  • Built in cameras and probes locate parts fast and visually.
  • Customizable apps can be tailored to your unique workflow.

I’m super excited to get things going and finally be able to use our M8Cube. Honestly, the control and the programming language is the best I have seen in the industry. The more I learn it, the more I see how far behind other companies are because they are trying to cater to how things used to be done.

Konstantin Cheyshvili, Kontrast4D

We had 3 days of training here at our facility and that’s really all it took. Just a couple days and we were ready to go. It was pretty mind blowing to have the machine land and the next day we were cutting parts.”

Glenn Parent – Site Supervisor, Expographiq

Customize Your next Control Software For Your Workflow

The integrated camera feature allows for fast, safe, and simple visual setup of the workpiece origin using a combination of swipe gestures, the camera, and the 3D probe. Save time during the setup process by simply drawing on the touchscreen with your finger to indicate the zero point or position the machine, then benefit from the comfortable measurement of rotations and the lowest collision risk of the XYZ sensor.

The 3D Probe with Surface Profile measures your work piece and automatically compensates for any unevenness in the surface area. It’s fast and easy to activate or deactivate and you don’t need to make any adjustments to the milling program.

The Protected Areas feature lets you designate specific areas in the machining area to be off limits for the tool, so you never have to worry about accidentally milling into the mounted vacuum plate (or other areas) without having to make any changes with the milling program. It provides comprehensive management of multiple protected areas.

The Sister Tool feature monitors tool wear and automatically replaces worn milling tools during the machining process without needing to change the milling program.Its fast and easy to activate in the tool management area, where you will also find detailed information about each tool, including the wear and expected remaining life.

The Multiple Execution function is for producing several identical workpieces from a single blank and for the serial execution of a program with different origins. Enjoy tool path optimized machining with a 3D simulation of the multiple execution.


DATRON Live ensures that you always have an overview of the operating status of your DATRON milling machines!

Advantages of DATRON Live

  • Purchase a DATRON Live license key just once.
  • Free updates with DATRON next release notes.
  • Monitor program and remaining running time.
  • Monitor compressed air, vacuum and coolant data.
  • Real-time camera transmission of the production process.


Keep track of operating parameters in real time right on your smartphone – regardless of your location*. Know exactly what is being machined and how much program run time is left.

Great for machine operators who want to know exactly when a job is finished without having to constantly go check the machine or maintenance personnel that need to know if the machine is throwing an error or is about to suffer one. CAM programmers love knowing know which tools are available in the machine’s magazine and what their wear condition is. Production managers can easily see if a machine is in use and its exact condition.

* Requires a network connection with the machine (local or via VPN). The device on which the app is opened must be in the same network as the machine.


You can access the camera of your DATRON next machine remotely, giving you the opportunity to observe the current work progress live without being in front of the machine.

  • Access to the camera stream.
  • Know what happens in the machining area.
  • Simple view of the workpiece during machining.
  • Check for chip nests.
  • Ideal addition to the Cockpit App.


The DATRON Live Remote Link app can be used for simple macros. For example, for switching off the vacuum or shutting down the machine.

Questions About DATRON next Control or Live?