DATRON Customers

DATRON high-speed milling machine success stories


DATRON high speed machining center success stories

“DATRON’s excellent application engineering and service oriented approach made it easy to
transition the machine into our production process.”

— Rich Mikuta, Smith & Wesson Engineer

“DATRON’s service team is the best. They always follow through, go above and beyond, and exceed my expectations. Their service manager is my new best friend! We love DATRON milling machines!”

— David Williams, Mechanical Designer, Catalent Pharma Solutions


“We just purchased an MLCube from DATRON and being new to this type of equipment had our concerns about getting into production quickly. Quite honestly, we were shocked at the high level of support offered by the DATRON staff. Within a week of arrival on site we were up and running full production. You won’t find a more customer service oriented company than DATRON.”

— Glen Burston, P.Eng., M.Eng., Operations Manager, Hudson Boat Works


“Mr, King, I cannot express how much you and your organization impressed me today. It’s
obvious that you treat your customers like partners rather than customers. Please accept
my gratitude and pass it on to your people.”

— Jim Rabbia, Plant Manager, Remington Arms Company, Inc.


“Before DATRON, we were outsourcing our CNC work. One part cost us $8.00 and the vendor made 10 pieces per hour. Then, I saw DATRON at a trade show demonstrating how their technology can cut your machining time down. Man did it ever! Our DATRON makes 60 parts per hour, can run unattended at night and only takes 5 minutes to change for the next batch. That part price has dropped to fifty cents ... a $7.50 savings ($37,500 savings per year). It takes less than 100 hours a year to make that part leaving 1,900 hours a year free to use it to make other parts we need.”

— Steven Ross Brenneisen, President/CEO, Ross Custom Switches