Application Notes for a Custom Aluminum Bottle Opener

Get the milling strategies, tools, feeds and speeds used to make this custom aluminum bottle opener.

Download the Application Notes for this Custom Aluminum Bottle Opener.

This custom aluminum bottle opener was developed as a trade show give away. At IMTS, we machined this part on the DATRON neo to emphasize the speed of the machine, as well as how well it is suited to both rapid prototyping and short-run production applications. While the DATRON neo, like any DATRON machine excels at milling aluminum, it also machines plastics and composites with ease and can be equipped with a brush head for dust collection. Other options include vacuum chuck workholding, pneumatic clamping systems, and a 4th rotary axis. The machine runs on DATRON next software that is operated with a touch screen. It is easy enough for non-machinists to use and allows the seasoned machinist to tap into robust capabilities faster than on any other milling machine.


Other Application Notes: