DATRON’s Premium Class, High-Speed Portal Machine For Complex Part Manufacturing

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Are You Producing High Tolerance Parts?

What if you could make multiple parts without sacrificing floor space or surface finish? Or reduce your entire part-making workflow exponentially by leveraging a robust, rigid machine with an extremely large machining area? And what if it was so easy to use that nearly anyone (including a robot) could run it? Whether you’re looking to bring production in-house or complement your existing heavier VMCs, there’s an easier way to machine those more detailed and difficult jobs.

Keep Your Production Running Smoothly and Efficiently

The MXCube is packed with options that keep your production running smoothly and efficiently. With reinforced rigid steel frame and a mineral cast machine table, the MXCube is a rigid machine with a high-speed spindle that is tailor-made for modern HSC strategies, allowing for higher loads of HSC milling with exceptional vibration dampening. It features a large machining area with an extremely compact base, so it takes up very little floor space while still allowing for large scale projects. The large cabin is ideal for heavy plates or clamping systems and provides easy access to all operational functions and clear visibility of machining. You can access the machining area manually, with a crane, or by integrating with an automation solution. Pairing the MXCube with DATRON’s next control system makes HSC milling easy, secure and convenient. Expand your MXCube’s capabilities even further by adding an external chip conveyor that will automatically transport chips away from the working area.

“The speed and accuracy of the MXCube will satisfy even the most demanding of customers. The streamlined process of setting up jobs quickly and easily is what I find most impressive about the technology.”

Robert Murphy, DATRON Dynamics

Watch the MXCube in Action

DATRON’s MXCube is a high-performance HSC milling machine that allows manufacturers to produce parts faster and easier than ever. Ideal for milling precision high tolerance parts.

  • High accuracy with linear guidance system.
  • Rigid, low-vibration design for excellent surface quality.
  • Machine parts faster with a precision 10 HP spindle up to 34,000 RPM.

Reinforced Rigid Steel Frame / Mineral Cast Machine Table

The MXCube features a drive train made entirely of steel that operates on 25mm ball screws. All axes are equipped with absolute linear scales, which allow the extremely precise MXCube to achieve tolerances in the microns. It comes equipped with a 10 HP spindle producing 34,000 RPM, which it uses to traverse the 1,040mm x 850mm x 270mm machining area. Perfect for mold making, research and development, micromachining, and more.

  • MACHINE PARTS FASTER – Reduce cycle time on existing parts by 50 – 100%… or more. It’s not all spindle speed either, your entire workflow will be faster.
  • ELIMINATE POST PROCESSES – Reduce (or even eliminate) secondary operations and produce showroom quality parts that can be used right away. The evaporating, minimum-quantity, lubricant keeps your parts cool and leaves them residue free.
  • INCREASE AGILITY – The MXCube’s tool cartridge allows for simultaneous loading and unloading of tools at all times. Because the tool changer is located outside the machining area, tools are protected from chips, dust, and debris while machining.
DATRON MXCube Specifications
Travel1,040 x 850 x 270 mm (41” x 33.5” x 11″) (X, Y, Z)
SpindleUp 34,000 RPM machining spindle
FeedUp to 40 m/min (1,574 in/min) X, Y / Up to 28 m/min (1,102 in/min) Z
Tool ChangerUp to 110 stations automatic tool changer / Up to 143 stations external
Control SystemDATRON next control
Working Area 1,000 x 700 x 200mm (39” x 27.5” x 7.5”)
Rotary axis Optional 4th axis and 5th axis
Footprint3.358 x 1.855 x 2.235 mm (106″ x 73″ x 88″) (W x D x H)
Weightapprox. 3,800 kg (8, 378 lbs.)

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