5 axis dental milling of screw retained dentures and bridges milled in titanium

Titanium Implant Bar Milling


The DATRON D5 was developed specifically for milling titanium implant bars and custom abutments, as well as crowns and bridges. All specifications from machine size to performance were designed for the efficient handling and milling of
titanium blanks (or titanium pucks). The titanium blank is milled in the very center of the machine for optimal cutting force. High performance servo and torque motors deliver superior milling dynamics and speed.


The intuitive Touch Screen Interface of the removable Apple iPad allows for easy programming of the DATRON Dental software. Even from a distance, the machine operations and job status can be monitored through a "Live View" function on the iPad.


We have decades of experience in configuring turn-key machining solutions that start making parts the day they arrive on your lab floor. We work with labs and milling centers just like yours to determine if our system makes sense for you based on your current and projected volumes. If so, we can help to integrate all digital dental technology into a complete solution. From 3D scanning through final milling, we’ve developed a proven workflow to ensure repeated success in dental labs worldwide.


Think about how much your lab is spending on titanium implant bars and custom abutments each month — now imagine if that cost was only 10% of your total bill! The D5’s adds capabilities and profitability by allowing you to mill titanium in-house. When you contact us, we can insert your current production into our calculator to see how much money you could make with the addition of the D5. At full capacity, a complete system can be paid off in as little as 4 months!


The German engineering the went into the D5, allows you to deliver the highest quality titanium implant bars. Milling complex dental indications like titanium implant bars and custom abutments.


From the rugged rotary axis to powerful servo and torque motors, each part of the DATRON D5 was engineered for the rigors of milling titanium implant bars. The entire machine geometry, its rigidity, and all traverse paths are designed specifically for milling dental titanium blanks. During the milling process, the blank is at the center of the machine, ensuring an optimal power flow. Powerful servo motors and torque motors ensure superior machining dynamics and speed.



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DATRON Dental Milling Machine Brochure Download
Dental Milling Brochure
  Dental Milling Case Study Download
Dental Milling Case Study
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