Milling panels like front panels and control panels from aluminum and plastics sheets using vacuum table workholding integrated on DATRON high Speed machining centers

Milling Panels


If we had to name a single application that DATRON high speed milling machines are uniquely suited to, it would be milling panels. Customers that mill front panels, control panels, instrument panels and name plates are quite frankly our bread and butter. That's because our CNC machines are ideally set up for the job. Starting with an ample work area (40" x 28" standard) that accomodates sheet material and facilitates batch milling of panels. Then, there's our vacuum table workholding that allows for quick set up of sheet material from 0.001”, to 0.250”. Plus, we have CNC probing (measuring) that adds to the speed of set up and guarantees part uniformity by detecting surface irregularities and dynamically compensating for them. DATRON high speed machining centers can be equipped with the following:



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Thermoform Mold Milling Case Study Download from DATRONMilling Panels Brochure


Thermoform Mold Milling Case Study Download from DATRONMilling Panels Case Study - Front Panel Express


Thermoform Mold Milling Case Study Download from DATRONEngraving Name Plates & ID Tags White Paper



Panel Milling Machines - While all DATRON machines are capable of milling panels, here are a few specific models that you may want to look at: M8Cube, M10 Pro and MLCube (see page bottom for reasons).


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Thermoform Mold Milling Case Study Download from DATRONMilling Panels Case Study - Front Panel Express

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Panel Milling Showcase (Sample Photos):

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Panel Milling Machines:
The M8Cube has a 40” x 32” x 9” work area with ample room for various workholding setups like pneumatic clamps, vacuum tables and even a CleanCut chip extraction system to help maintain quality panel surface finishes and a clean machine bed. Precision-ground ball screws, linear guides and brushless direct drives provide superior accuracy in all axes. Optional XYZ probing recognizes irregular surfaces and compensate for them dynamically.

The M10 Pro is our fastest most accurate machine with linear scales for high position accuracy across the entire work envelope (ISO 230). With a 41" x 35" travel the M10 is capable of rapid rates up to 30 meters per minute. When the shortest cycle times or mirror finish surfaces are required, the M10 is the way to go. Plus, the liquid-chilled, 40,000 RPM spindle is exceptionally suited to rapid, high-volume material removal. The solid granite table adds rigidity for precision milling.

Now, if an extremely large work area is required, as is the case for milling large panels or batch milling a run of smaller ones, the MLCube is a large format milling machine that is ideally suited. The 60" x 40" travel of the MLCube can be equipped with a QuadraMate Vacuum Table to hold large sheet material up to 24" x 36". Aside from the large machining area, the specifications for the MLCube are similar to the M8Cube.