Machining Medical parts and components in titanium, aluminum and steel using DATRON high speed machining centers

Machining medical parts


Machining medical parts or components is an extremely broad category where DATRON high speed machining centers are concerned. We have customers using our equipment to machine implants from titanium and steel, PCB for pacemakers, molds for pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum test tube holders, plastics and stainless for instrument trays, microfluidics devices and the list goes on.


The important "take-away" from this webpage is that medical component manufacturers need to know that DATRON partners with our customers to provide turn-key solutions for medical part manufacturing. So, each machine that we sell is specifically configured for your application. In order to do this, we have a full line of features and accessories including rotary axes (for 5-axis machining), coolant systems, automation, dust extraction, static-eliminating deionizers, vision/camera systems etc. Our machines are "proven-out" with a benchmark of your specific part*, so you know that when the machine delivers it's ready to go directly into production. We also offer training for your operators and industry-leading service and support.


Machining Medical Parts Case Study DownloadMedical Machining Case Study Download