Machining aerospace parts with Datron high speed CNC milling machines made in Germany and featuring up to 60,000 rpm spindles

Machining Aerospace parts


From milling small tight-tolerance aerospace components to instrument panels and control panels, DATRON high-speed machining centers deliver some obvious advantages. First, these highly-accurate machines feature a large work area to accommodate sheet material while at the same time having a comparatively small footprint that doesn't take up your shop floor space. DATRON machines have the ability to machine most materials including steel, aluminum, composites and plastics like the military grade cast acrylic frequently used to manufacture illuminated instruments. 40,000 - 60,000 RPM spindles combined with machining areas up to 1,020 mm x 2,500 mm facilitate batch machining while features like probing and automatic tool change enable unattended or lights-out production and help to ensure accuracy and quality. Vacuum tables and pneumatic clamping help to minimize set up time. Finally, 5-Axis capability allows for precision multi-sided machining of complex aerospace parts.



Machining Aerospace Parts Case Study Download detailing Aero-Tech's use of DATRON high speed CNC milling machinesAero-Tec Case Study Download