High-Speec CNC machining center for milling knife parts like handles for knives in batches using an integrated vacuum chuck.

Machining Knife Parts

Knives, and knife parts are inherently flat. Therefore, many parts for knives are milled out of sheet material like aluminum and G10. So, DATRON high-speed machining centers are ideal for knife making because they are specifically designed for making intricate small parts and they can be ordered with integrated vacuum table (vacuum chuck) workholding which make job setup quick and easy. Also, DATRON machines are capable of detailed engraving. DATRON milling machines can cut virtually any knife-making material, from steel and titanium to aluminum and engineered plastics. As an added bonus, DATRON offeres an entire line of tools for cutting PU foam which is ideal for making the inserts for knife packaging that holds your product securely and displays them in and ideal presentation.


Here are some of the unique features that have made DATRON the preferred solution for knife making and machining knife parts:



Did You Know You Can Machine Foam to Produce Inserts for Knife Packaging?


LEARN MORE ABOUT MACHINING KNIFE PARTS: View our Knife Making Showcase (at the bottom of the page).


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DATRON is used by the World's Top Knife & Gun Manufacturers


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Milling Machines for Knife Making:
While all DATRON milling machines are designed for knife making, there are some differentiators that may help you to narrow your search. The M8Cube offers an ample 40" x 32" work area for milling batch machining knife parts. Using our PerfectCut filter this machine will produce exceptional surface finishes.

If you don't need as much machining area, the DATRON neo has the same capabilities as the M8Cube bit in a smaller package. It still has a adequate machining area of 19.5" x 15.5".

Now, if an extremely large work area is required, the MLCube features a 60" x 40" work area. This can also benefit manufacturers who need to batch mill knife parts, or who also manufacture packaging and other parts. Due to features like automatic tool change, batch machining can be run unattended or during lights-out production as a means of cost reduction.