CNC engraving machine made in Germany by Datron for quality and industrial reliability featuring 60,000 high speed spindle



Designed with the industrial engraver in mind, DATRON engraving machines are ideal for 3D molds & stamps, coining dies, roll dies, hot stamping & combination dies, steel dies, steel molds, thermoform molds, embossing dies, firearms engraving and prototype mold making. A solid cast steel base provides excellent vibration dampening, and yields the superior surface finishes needed to produce 3D molds, stamps, and dies of the highest quality. An integrated tool changer with tool length setter allows for easy and automated 'lights out' operation.


DATRON engraving machines are the first choice of leading firearms manufacturers for ATF regulated engraving of serial numbers as well as high quality, precision engraving of trademarks and logos. DATRON engraving machines are employed worldwide by noted companies like Hallmark for intricate engraving of embossing dies.


Engraving materials include steel, aluminum, copper, brass, magnesium, zinc, titanium, cera and plastics.


Here are some of the unique features that have made DATRON the preferred solution for engraving:



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CNC Engraving Case Studies:


Engraving Case Study Download detailing Hallmark's use of DATRON high speed CNC machining centers for the engraving of embossing diesHallmark Case Study Download


Engraving Case Study Download detailing Hallmark's use of DATRON high speed CNC machining centers for the engraving of embossing diesStamping Die Case Study Download



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Engraving Showcase (Sample Photos):

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Milling Machines for Engraving Applications:
While all DATRON milling machines are designed for precision engraving, there are some differentiators that may help you to narrow your search. The DATRON neo is a fine engraving machine with a 20.5"x16.5" machining area and a user-friendly touch-screen control.

M8Cube offers an ample 40" x 32" work area for engraving and milling larger parts and molds. Using our PerfectCut filter this machine will produce molds with exceptional surface finish.

Now, if an extremely large work area is required, as is the case when batch milling multiple dies, the MLCube features a 60" x 40" work area. Due to features like automatic tool change, batch machining can be run unattended or during lights-out production as a means of cost reduction.