CNC Dispensing machine applications include dispensing of liquid sealants and bonding materials

Dispensing CNC APplications


The increasing economic demands in the area of dispensing require precise, process-sure and flexible system engineering. DATRON dispensing systems were specially developed for industrial adhesive, sealing or EMC applications and have earned customer confidence with high performance and high volume consistency.


DATRON dispensing systems offer the highest possible process security and flexibility with a combination of electronic dispensing heads and patented control software. The use of special software technology allows speed-independent dispensing, which ensures high dispensing speeds and short cycle times. Also, these systems work independently of pressure and viscosity, so that process parameters don't need to be adjusted due to modified manufacturing conditions. In connection with the accessories developed for dispensing tasks, DATRON offers system solutions from one source to guarantee optimum quality for your manufacturing.


Download the DATRON CNC Dispensing Machine Brochure showing machine models for the volumetric dispemsing os siliconeDownload Dispensing Brochure