Milling Composite Materials with DATRON high speed CNC milling machines featuring 60,000 RPM spindle

Composites Milling


With thousands of machines installed worldwide, and over 20 years of designing tooling for customer-specific applications in a wide range of industries, you can benefit for our experience and use DATRON advancements and technology as your competitive advantage.This includes our advancements in the machining of composite materials. CFK, GFK,CRP, GRP, FR4 etc. are abrasive composites that benefit not only from our high-speed machining technology, but also from our specialty CVD tooling designed specifically for efficient, cost-effective milling of composite materials. Based on your specific application we can help to determine which machine and which tooling will serve you best.


Machining Composites Case Study DownloadCarbon Fiber Keyboard Application Notes (Case Study)