CNC Milling Applications & Industries

DATRON Dynamics is the North American distributor of DATRON CNC equipment. We are responsible for selling, maintaining and servicing our fleet of milling machines. We are not a contract manufacturer for these applications you are reviewing.

MATERIALS (see Industries below)

For milling aluminum there is not a faster machine in the world than DATRON high-speed milling machines.


There's not a faster machine in the world for milling aluminum!

DATRON high speed milling machines were specifically designed for optimized milling of aluminum. This includes high speed spindles up to 60,000 rpm that allow for high feed rates up to 1,000 inches per minute and reduced cycle times. Plus, our spray-mist coolant evaporates quickly so that parts are clean, burr-free and dry when they come off the machine.This eliminates the need for de-greasing and de-burring operations which saves both time and money.



You can get glass-like surface and edge finishes when milling acrylic with DATRON high-speed machining centers.


Glass-like surface and edge finishes!

Arylic milling with DATRON high speed milling machines and DATRON Acrylic Milling Tools delivers superior results, high quility surface and edge finishes and reduced cycle times ... without the added cost of diamond coated polishing tools.These are employed in a ride range of industries specifically for the purpose of machining and engraving acrylic or Plexiglas. This includes acrylic front panels, signage, instrument / control panels, microfluidics, and more. The DATRON M8Cube is one of our machines that can be configured specifically for plastic machining applications so that slugs, chips or dust resulting from milling are extracted and collected.


DATRON machines are ideal for milling intricate molds and dies from brass stock.


Mill and envrave brass for dies, molds and signage.

The machining of non-ferrous metals is one of the key strengths of the DATRON high speed milling machines. After the workpiece has been machined from solid stock, DATRON machines produce free-form structures with a consistent surface finish. Using small tools, theey produce even the most intricate engraving details with superb quality.



Milling carbon fiber can be tricky and messy, so DATRON machines can be equipped with dust extraction and CleanCut systems for efficient, clean machining of abrasive materials.

Carbon Fiber

Handle the challenges of carbon fiber or glass-filled plastics easily with DATRON.

Abrasive materials? No probelem. DATRON high speed milling machines can be equipped with dust-collection or CleanCut to manage Carbon Fiber, G10 and FR4, Torlon, Delrin and more! DATRON high-speed milling technology is ideal for producing electronics parts.



DATRON machines are ideally suited to milling composite materials including options for integrated dust collection systems.


Along with Carbon Fiber, DATRON industrial machines are well-suited to the rigors of milling composite materials.

DATRON high speed milling machines can be equipped with dust-collection or CleanCut to manage Carbon Fiber, G10 and FR4, Torlon, Delrin and more! DATRON high-speed milling technology is ideal for producing electronics parts.



Intricate and clean milling of graphite -- including dust-collection systems.

Whether it's milling EDM electrodes or graphite heatsinks, DATRON high speed milling machines are both durable and precise and can be equipped with dust-collection systems for efficient and clean processing of this abrasive material.



Many DATRON users are milling plastics to produce adapters and sockets for the electronics industry.



There are almost as many DATRON machines being used for plastics as there are for aluminum.

Why? because DATRON machines are an excellent means of milling Acrylic, G10, FR4, Torlon, Delrin and and other engineered plastics! No wonder DATRON machines are so popular in the electronics industry!



INDUSTRIES USING DATRON (see Materials above)


The aerospace industry uses DATRON milling machines to make instrument panels, light-weight aluminum parts and control panels among other applications.


From illuminated instruments and control panels to light-weight structural parts, the aerospace industry is a heavy user of DATRON technology.

For aerospace applications DATRON high-speed machining centers deliver some obvious advantages. First, these highly-accurate machines feature a large work area to accommodate sheet material while at the same time having a comparatively small footprint that doesn't take up your shop floor space.


There are literally hundreds of applications for DATRON high-speed milling machines within the electronics industry.


Perhaps the widest range of DATRON applications are in the electronics industry.

DATRON high speed milling machines are ideal for ideal for machining electronics parts. Typical parts include, enclosures and housings, front panels, PCB, test fixtures, test sockets, adapters, connectors, heat sinks and the milling of G10, FR4, Delrin, Torlon, copper and EMI-proof aluminum.



DATRON milling machines are also excellent engraving machines and are employed for the world's most intricate engraving from coining dies to firearms.



2D and 3D engraving of molds, dies, identification tags and more ... in virtually ANY material!

Designed with the industrial engraver in mind, DATRON machines are ideal for 3D molds & stamps, coining dies, roll dies, hot stamping & combination dies, steel dies, steel molds, embossing dies, firearms engraving and prototype mold making.



From logos and marks to serial numbers engraved to exact ATF specifications, DATRON high-speed machining centers are widely recognized as the choice of the firearms industry.


Engraving of logos, marks and serialization with part-tracking capability.

When a single machine can improve the quality of your Brands, Logos and Marks while at the same time delivering an Even Depth of Serial Number Engraving, that’s the best of all worlds. Then add in the fact that this automated CNC Machining Center integrates easy with virtually any database, pulls the next Serial Number, engraves the gun or firearm part and records that information for easy tracking.


From 5-axis parts like knee implants to complex 2D microfluidics plates milled from acrylic, DATRON high-speed CNC milling machines are the right choice.


3-Axis and 5-Axis machining of intricate parts in a variety of materials including titanium.

Machining medical parts or components is an extremely broad category where DATRON high speed machining centers are concerned. We have customers using our equipment to machine implants from titanium and steel, PCB for pacemakers, molds for pharmaceutical packaging, aluminum test tube holders, plastics and stainless for instrument trays, microfluidics devices and the list goes on.



Machine prototype parts in end-use materials with DATRON high-speed CNC milling machines.


R&D / Prototyping

Fast subtractive prototyping in virtually any material including metals!

With additive manufacturing and 3D printers being such a hot topic these days, it's important to remember why subtractive processes like machining are still incredibly important to rapid prototyping. First, subtractive rapid prototyping provides the ability to prototype in end-use materials.