Micro drilling in steel using Datron high speed CNC machining center for micro hole drilling with small repeatable holes

5 Axis Machining


While 5-Axis Machining is mandatory for some complex 3D parts, it can also be employed for multi-sided parts as a means of saving time and money. 5 axis machining can eliminate multiple set ups for the machining of multi-sided parts - thereby improving efficiency and reducing cycle time. 5 axis machining can also improve quality of since the part stays in the fixture from start to finish which eliminates alignment issues associated with multiple set ups. When prototyping or manufacturing in short runs, 5 axis machining can be quicker and more cost effective than casting. For micro drilling many hole at different angles 5 axis machining is the preferred method.


For precision 5-axis machining of workpieces 100 mm x 100 mm and smaller, the DATRON C5 delivers extreme accuracy from a machine that fits through a standard 36" door! For larger workpieces our M8 Cube and M10 Pro can be ordered or retrofitted with our trunnion rotary axis for true simultaneous 5-axis machining.



5 axis machining options by DATRONView the Rotary Axis Data Sheet