Precision 5 axis milling with German engineered DATRON high speed CNC machining center

5 Axis Machining


5 Axis Machining yields complex shapes in a single set up which is more efficient and productive than milling a part in a series of set ups. The elimination of multiple set ups reduces cycle time and costs associated with preparing additional fixtures. Plus, since the part remains in one set up from start to finish this eliminates alignment issues associated with multiple set ups. With 5 axis machining, complex parts that may otherwise have to be cast can be milled from a solid piece of material. For prototypes and short runs this is quicker and cheaper. Micro drilling applications that require many holes with different angles are performed more efficiently on a 5 axis machine.


For precision 5-axis machining of workpieces 100 mm x 100 mm and smaller, the DATRON C5 delivers extreme accuracy from a machine that fits through a standard 36" door! For larger workpieces our M8Cube and M10 Pro can be ordered or retrofitted with our trunnion rotary axis for true simultaneous 5-axis machining.


5 axis machining options by DATRONView the Rotary Axis Data Sheet