Microsoft Windows based CNC control software for Datron high speed CNC machining centers




DATRON next is a revolutionary CNC control software that is as easy to use as a Smartphone!



DATRON next, the control software for DATRON CNC technology, combines simple operation with outstanding results. With DATRON next, the operation of a CNC milling machine is nearly as simple as the handling of a smartphone.

The next CNC control system was designed with the user in mind in terms of ergonomics and ease-of-use.



DATRON next" is an impressive a control system with surface optics that compare to the newest smartphone technology -- clearly laid out tiled optics, self-explanatory icons with intuitive control logic, clearly illustrated tools in 3D optics. Simply swiping the colored touchscreen activates an integrated camera within seconds. This camera and a 3D probe, helps to significantly reduce workpiece setup times and operator error. The software runs in the background, processing a comprehensive technology of the highest level. Even true milling beginners find their way quickly and achieve the best results with DATRON next.


Four steps to the finished workpiece
The CAM Assistant is an example of the ease-of-use of the control. In just two steps, it guides the operator through the program and tool management. All tools are presented with information on type, dimensions and location. The right tool is selected in seconds. The workpiece is set up just as quickly. "We have greatly accelerated and simplified this previously time-consuming process with the aid of a camera and a 3D probe," explains Gregor Leinfelder, Director of Product Management at DATRON AG. This creates one of the most important prerequisites for reliable, accurate processing results. As a last step, DATRON next also allows the 3D simulation of the workpiece before being milled. Here, the revolutionary control system provides an ideal preview of the result even before the milling begins.

DATRON CNC control software is easy to use and displayed on a ergonomic vertical display.Milling is for everyone
"No numerical input, no determining the zero point during setup - this not only accelerates the work process, but also considerably reduces the sources of error," explains Helmut Neff, Director of Sales and Technology. "With DATRON next, any user can operate a high-speed milling machine. For our customers this increases the flexibility and quality. This, of course, increases the profitability of the customer’s company, because even less well-versed employees can be trained on the technology and handle it quickly. "For better planning of all resources, DATRON has also equipped the control with a RunScreen. It also provides information on the status and remaining time of the job at any time, even from a distance.

DATRON Control Software interfaces efficiently with CAD/CAM-Software:

2D CAD/CAM-Software:
The CAD/CAM software package PrimCAM offers excellent features at an affordable price. Clearly structured menus allow even beginners to write CNC programs in no time at all.

3D-CAD/CAM Software:
With DIN/ISO standard interfaces and an APT (CL-Print) interface, each DATRON machining system is compatible to all standard 3D CAD/CAM programs. While any CAM software that outputs NC (gcode) will work, our customers prefer the following:


DATRON CNC Workholding Solutions Brochure can be downloaded by completing this form.DATRON next Software Brochure