• Up to 60" x 40" X, Y travel
  • Up to 60,000 RPM spindle (based on selection)
  • Auto tool changer up to 45 tools
  • HSK-E25 tool holder option
  • Spray-mist coolant system
  • 866 inches per minute feed rate
  • Optional vacuum table workholding
  • Linear measuring system:
    Improved precision in X and Y axis

DATRON MLCube high speed machining center brochure downloadMLCube LS Brochure

MLCube LS Parts


DATRON MLCube LS Applications

  • Fast machining of sheet material
  • Machining of counter plates (stainless and Phenolic)
  • Batch machining of electronic / instrument panels
  • Milling aluminum profiles / extrusions
  • Milling and engraving of plastics and composites
  • Engraving stainless steel
  • Flexibility for multiple set ups
DATRON MLCube high speed machining center dimensions