this CNC coolant system uses spray-mist because it is an effective means of cooling fast moving micro tooling and it evaporates quickly without leaving residue so no degreasing is required

Coolant Systems


DATRON's unique spray-mist coolant system is differentiated by its extremely low (30 ml/h) coolant consumption. This venturi-style system sprays a fine mist to cool and lubricate the cutting tool. Using small amounts of coolant, operational and consumable costs are substantially lowered. The spray-mist coolant system minimizes the time consuming and expensive maintenance issues associated with flood-type coolant systems. It is a highly-effective method of cooling and can reduce or even eliminate degreasing and disposal costs.



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MicroJet Coolant System:

MicroJect coolant system for Datron high speed machining centers being used for machining steel uses an oil-based coolant but can also spray ethanol for non-ferrous machining applications.The Microjet coolant system is an upgrade to the existing coolant system. This upgrade replaces the standard venturi coolant configuration with a high pressure mist system. This high pressure mist is best suited in applications where heavy machining occurs or deep channels and pockets are milled. It is also recommended when machining steel. The Microjet system allows for misting various coolant types such as: oil-based and water-soluble coolants.