CNC Workholding with Pneumatic Clamp, Vacuum Table and Rotary Axis provides flexibility to adapt to changing jobs or applications..

CNC Workholding / Work Handling / Multiple Setups


CNC workholding, fixturing, work handling ... most CNC manufacturers just don’t get involved in workholding. They sell you their machine and let you find a way to hold your parts once it arrives. Well, DATRON takes a more holistic approach and considers workholding part of the overall solution. Thanks to superior German engineering, when your DATRON machine arrives, you’re ready to start making parts. Designed for efficiency in set up and job change over, our user-friendly, modular solutions work synergistically our high-speed machining centers to deliver the industry’s fastest cycle times.


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Pneumatic Clamps – This proprietary CNC workholding system from DATRON features pneumatic, shortstroke clamps to minimize setup time for redundant processes. The user-friendly, one-button operation allows the operator to open and close the clamp with one hand while the free hand sets the workpiece. The clamps are fixed and registered using our Quick-Pallet technology — this eliminates the “human-factor” in set up and insures piece/part repeatability. Plus, your investment is protected by “sacrificial jaws” that can be removed and replaced when they get worn or marred over time. Now, one-up production is quicker!


Clamping Systems Data Sheet



Vacuum Table – CNC workholding for flat & thin workpieces. Vacuum tables from Datron are designed to swiftly and efficiently secure flat workpieces to the bed of a machining system. Thin stock, which could be secured only with great difficulties before, is now secured literally within seconds. Quickly secure plastic foils as thin as 0.001”, to 0.250” large aluminum sheets. Our vacuum tables vacuum table feature airflow-optimized ports, with recessed chambers, to provide superior vacuum distribution. A low cost, gas-permeable substrate serves as a sacrificial vacuum diffuser, allowing the cutter to machine through the workpiece, without cutting into the table.


Vacuum Tables Data Sheet



Rotary Axis and Trunnion 5 Axis CNC Work Handling – DATRON offeres a number of different 4 and 5 axis work handling solutions for use with our high speed CNC milling machines. These modular systems can be integrated at the time of order or added afterwards.


Rotary Axis Data Sheet

Trunnion 5 Axis Data Sheet



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