Datron Milling Machine Accessories


From 40,000 to 60,000 RPM DATRON high-speed spindles are the most efficient way to use small tools.

High-Speed Spindles

40,000 to 60,000 RPM.

DATRON offers high-frequency (HF) spindles in several power categories for speeds ranging from 5,000 - 60,000 rpm. These spindles run smoothly, deliver highly accurate results, and can be used for a wide range of applications.


Speed up job setup time and improve quality of machined parts with integrated probing.

Integrated Probing

Improves quality and reduces set-up time.

Datron probes recognize irregular work-piece topography and compensates for it dynamically. This is done by taking measurements along the surface of a blank and feeding that data into the machining controller. The controller automatically adjusts for uneven surfaces or work piece position. Through this process, job setup times are reduced and part rejection is minimized.


The large-format MLCube has a 60" x 40" machining area that is ideal for milling sheet material.Vacuum Table (Chuck)

Quickly secure sheet material and flat stock.

DATRON vacuum tables are designed to swiftly and efficiently secure flat workpieces to the bed of a machining system. Thin stock, which could be secured only with great difficulties before, is now secured literally within seconds. Up to 24" x 36" of vacuum workholding!


Direct-shank and HSK tool holding systems are available on DATRON high-speed milling machines.Automatic Tool Changer

Up to 45-tool magazine with tool-length sensor.

DATRON has both rotary and rack-style tool changers depending on machine model. Based on spindle selection direct-shank and HSK tool holding systems are available. Included with the tool change unit is a tool length sensor. This is used to measure the length or offset of each tool in the magazine and the data is stored in the control software.


Efficient cooling system that is less expensive than flood coolant and eliminates the need for degreasing parts.

Spray-mist Coolant System

Evaporative micro-volume coolant leaves clean parts with no degreasing.

DATRON's unique spray-mist coolant system is differentiated by its extremely low (30 ml/h) coolant consumption. Using small amounts of coolant, operational and consumable costs are substantially lowered. The spray-mist coolant system minimizes the time consuming and expensive maintenance issues associated with flood-type coolant systems. It is a highly-effective method of cooling and can eliminate degreasing and disposal costs.


Revolutionary touch-screen control that's like using a Smartphone!

Control Software

Including the revolutionary DATRON next touch-screen control.

DATRON next is an impressive a control system with surface optics that compare to the newest smartphone technology -- clearly laid out tiled optics, self-explanatory icons with intuitive control logic, clearly illustrated tools in 3D optics. Simply swiping the colored touchscreen activates an integrated camera within seconds. This camera and a 3D probe, helps to significantly reduce workpiece setup times and operator error.


The large-format MLCube has a 60" x 40" machining area that is ideal for milling sheet material.Rotary Axes

Adding 4th and 5th axis capability.

High quality parts can be machined with precision on multiple sides with DATRON rotary axes. Small electrodes, engraving on rounded or cylindrical workpieces, dental and medical parts and intricate molds are typical applications. All DATRON rotary axes are delivered with integrated servo-positioning units and additional software. They can also be installed on previously purchased DATRON machines.


Both chip and dust extraction systems are available with DATRON high-speed milling machines.Chip/Dust Management

Extraction and collection systems for dust and debris.

With the DATRON CleanCut System, chips or slugs can be removed very efficiently. Nearly chip-free working is possible due toto this vacuum technology developed especially for maching sheet material and flat stock. Other systems are available such as the Graphite Vortex and a brush head that fits around the spindle to keep dust and debris isolated for removal.


A short-stroke pneumatic clamp with a button for single-handed operationPneumatic Clamping

Short-stroke clamping system with one-hand operation.

This proprietary workholding technology from DATRON features pneumatic, shortstroke clamps that minimize setup times for redundant processes. The user-friendly, one-button operation allows the user to open and close the clamp with one hand while the free hand sets the workpiece..


DATRON machines easily accomodate automation systems providing a turn-key solution for your application.Automation Systems

Robotic (FANUC) arms, pallet changers, and pick & place systems.

A variety of automation systems, both DATRON branded and 3rd party, can be integrated onto a DATRON machine to provide a custom turn-key solution to meet your needs.


This optional CNC Vision System is able to loacte crop marks or other points of reference on the workpiece to ensure precision milling of finished parts. Camera/Vision System

Recognizes fiducials and registration (crop) marks.

The optional integrated vision system has many different functions for various applications. Developed originally for the printed circuit board industry, the camera has the ability to automatically recognize a fiducial or crop mark on a part or panel and lock in on the center points.