The CleanCut chip removal system for Datron high speed CNC machining centers extract chips during machining to produce better quality parts and eliminate secondary operations to sweep debris after machining

Chip Removal


With the DATRON CleanCut System, chips can be removed very efficiently. Nearly chip-free working is possible thanks to this vacuum technology developed especially for plate machining.


Time-consuming machine cleaning is no longer necessary. Due to non-contact removal of chips, CleanCut is also suitable for highly sensitive surfaces. Plus, the automatic extension/retraction of the suction head saves time.


Tool measurement and 3D measurement can be performed without any restrictions. With the optionally available four-nozzle coolant head, you can remove chips and effectively cool the cutting tool at the same time. This combination of suction and spray-mist coolant leaves almost no residue and eliminates secondary operations to clean parts.


DATRON offers a Graphite Vortex for graphite milling, other dust extraction systems, brush heads (see PDF below) and can even develop a custom system to meet your unique manufacturing needs.


The Graphite Vortex dust collection system for machining graphite with Datron high speed CNC milling machines


View the Graphite Vortex Data Sheet

See Brochure below for DATRON Chip and Dust Management Solutions like the CleanCut, Graphite, Vortex, Brush Heads, Chip Conveyors, Spray Nozzles and more.

View the Chip Removal Data Sheet


Other Dust Management Options:

Suction Unit with Brush Head:
Datron suction unit for removal of chips and dust during the machining process on Datron high speed CNC machining centersThe Datron suction unit can be used to dispose of the chips and dust produced during machining. A brush around the milling cutter prevents chips and dust from escaping the suction area of the suction unit. The hoses have been attached in a way that does not obstruct machine movement and cannot be bent.

Chip Conveyor:

The robust and rugged design of the Chip conveyors for Datron high speed CNC milling machines transport chips and debris away from the milling machine for easy disposalDATRON chip conveyor, made of anodized aluminum extrusions, allows dry and slightly moist chips to be transported out of the machine. In addition, chips can be conveyed up to 60°upward and are deposited directly away into a roll-away container.