How to Mill an External Radius

How to mill an external radius

An external radius is a rounded edge otherwise known as a fillet, that can be achieved quickly and easily if you have a flat surface and the proper tools in place! This article will discuss the benefits and disadvantages of these different techniques used, the types of tools needed, and some tips and tricks on […]

Thread Milling: What It Is and How Does It Work

Thread Milling

What if thread milling was far easier than you ever imagined? There are plenty of advantages to using a thread mill. However, many professionals and machine shops avoid doing so because they think it will be too complex to master. But once you know how everything works, you’ll realize how easy this process can really […]

Horizontal vs. Vertical Milling Machines: What’s the Difference?

horizontal vs vertical milling machine

What if you didn’t know which machining tool could save you plenty of time and money? When it comes to metal fabrication, milling machines are vital tools. However, you might be amazed at how many professionals use horizontal mills when they should be using vertical mills, and vice versa. Understanding the pros and cons of […]

How to Chamfer on a Milling Machine


What if you could transform metal into something both safe and beautiful? Chamfering can help you do just this, but you need the proper tools, including a milling machine. You also need to know what to do (and what not to do) in order to get the best results. Ready to get started? Keep reading […]

The Production Gap Between Punching and Machining

punching and machining

There are two great technologies available for manufacturing, CNC Punching, and CNC Machining. Both have their unique advantages and disadvantages but there is a gap that lies between which makes it difficult to decide which process to use. This article is intended to help clarify when it is appropriate to use each of these manufacturing […]

CNC Router vs. Mill – What is the Difference?


CNC Router vs. Mill – What is the Difference? There are different types of CNC machines these days, and each is built with specific capabilities. Manual machines are no longer the only option for machining parts. Technology continues to advance machine design and abilities, and that’s led to Computerized Numerical Control (aka CNC) machines. This […]

When To Use A Conventional Milling Strategy?


What is Conventional Milling?  Manual milling machines and older CNC designs are prone to backlash, so a machining strategy was needed to counteract it. That’s how conventional milling became a well-known, traditional method because it reduces machine backlash. What’s backlash? It’s the gap between a machine’s mechanical parts, like a ball screw and nut. That […]

What is Dynamic Milling?


How Does Dynamic Milling Work? There are a lot of machining terms that get thrown around, and chances are you’ve heard of dynamic milling. So, what is dynamic milling, and what do you need to use it? What is a Dynamic Milling Strategy? Faster CNC milling machines and advancements in their control software have led […]

Making Parts on a CNC Milling Machine

How to Make Parts with a CNC Milling Machine 101 Phase 1) It’s Design Time CAD It You have a part idea in mind and need to design it, so where do you start? With a Computer-Aided Design aka CAD program. The software enables you to bring a photo, drawing, or specs from an idea […]

Difference Between 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis Milling

What’s the Difference Between 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis Milling? These days, CNC technology has evolved to include touchscreen controls, robots, and multiple-axis machines. For those that are brand new to the world of machining and bringing your manufacturing in-house, it’s daunting to figure out what kind of equipment you need. To provide a better idea […]

DATRON CNC Integrated Probe Simplifies Workpiece Setup

Simplify Your Workpiece Setup with DATRON’s Integrated Probe and Smart Control Why would an integrated probe and smart CNC control make a world of difference to manufacturers and machinists? Because in the real world, material blanks are not perfectly flat or consistently uniform. That makes it challenging to meet tight tolerances if each stock has […]

AVBotz Robotic Submarines

This blog was updated in August 2022, to announce the grand results of RoboSub 2022. AVBotz placed 2nd out of 39 teams in the Autonomy Challenge. We are so proud of the team’s hard work and determination! Robotic Submarines and DATRON Dynamics: The Story of AVBotz The future of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) is being […]

5 CNC Machining Tips for Beginners

5 High-Speed CNC Machining Tips for Beginners Machining the perfect part is a journey of trial and error, especially as CNC technology evolves. With so many factors influencing your machining process, it’s hard for a new machinist to know where to start. We’ve put together 5 high-speed CNC machining tips to help you achieve the […]

Semiconductor Parts Made on DATRON

Making Semiconductor Parts on a DATRON If your product needs to process information, you need a microchip. From smartphones and cars to everyday appliances like refrigerators, microchips (also known as a semiconductors or Integrated Circuits) are created by Fabrication Plants (aka Fabs). In 2020, more than 900 billion computer chips were manufactured worldwide, with Asia […]

Lithophane on a DATRON neo

Making a Lithophane on a DATRON neo A lithophane is a type of 3D artwork that is etched or molded into a very thin translucent material, like plastic. The design can only be clearly seen when backlit and changes in the light source will also cause changes in the lithophane scene, making it more interesting […]

DATRON next© Control Changes the CNC Industry

The DATRON next© control CNC software is one of those smart technologies that comes along and just improves how we work. After years of manual data entry, painstakingly slow part set-up, rerunning jobs due to set-up errors, and going from machine to machine to check job status – suddenly, that’s all behind us. DATRON next© […]

Small Aluminum Parts Machining

Most Efficient Way To Machine Small Aluminum Parts We’ve all been there. A job comes in that needs small cutting tools, and all we have is a 40-Taper VMC. So, we figure just put on some adapters to run the small tools. That should work, right? But then we find that old workhorse that hogs […]

Microsoft R&D Uses DATRON CNC Machines For Rapid Prototyping

Microsoft R&D Uses DATRON CNC Machines For Rapid Prototyping Microsoft’s “Building 87” is a massive complex of laboratories that house some of the most advanced manufacturing technologies in the world, so it comes as no surprise to find over a dozen DATRON CNC machining systems there. Microsoft recognized early on that DATRON’s innovative technology was […]

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The DATRON M8Cube

Buying things sight unseen has become the norm in the modern era of Amazon and all things e-commerce. However, there are still some things that you really owe yourself to see in person before pulling the trigger. When it comes to CNC machines, we’re firm believers in always trying to get a customer in front […]

Breaking the CNC Machining Bottleneck

Fast Tracking your ROI by Producing More Parts, Not Setups There’s a lot to be said for flexing your creative muscles in manufacturing. Shop owners and machine operators alike can appreciate the situation of being presented a square peg and having to force it through a round hole – and still getting it done. Thinking […]

9 Things You Need to Know About Vacuum Chucks

Understanding how vacuum chucks work, and how they can make your life easier. We answer questions about our machines daily, but sometimes, we receive even more interest in our vacuum tables (also known as vacuum chucks). Although vacuum tables are not an uncommon accessory in the CNC machining world, DATRON approaches them differently, making them […]

Turning Your Garage Into a Factory: Manufacturing RF Waveguides at Home

BNC Engineering talks about bringing CNC capabilities in-house for manufacturing RF Waveguides. Nestled in the outskirts of Seattle, amidst a quaint residential neighborhood, you’ll find a rather modest garage that is packing some serious manufacturing capability. This little workshop is the home to BNC Engineering, a business specializing in RF, microwave, and millimeter wave test […]

A Race Car in a World of Tractor Trailers

Building Machines for Speed & Efficiency Means Doing Things Differently Machines for speed & efficiency – but what about weight? I’ve heard it hundreds of times. At trade shows, during demonstrations, in online forums, on social media… It usually goes like this: Person asks: “How much does this machine weigh?” I respond: “This DATRON weighs […]

How to Protect Intellectual Property

How to Protect Your Intellectual Property Lately, our blog has featured a great deal of information, with posts featuring tips, how-to’s, and the overall benefits of setting up in-house prototyping. Of all the benefits we’ve explained, there is a major advantage that is worth emphasizing for its larger reach beyond your in-house prototyping lab. Protecting […]