RapidDTM Case Study

Milling High-Tolerance (0.0003″) Aerospace Parts

Rapid DTM was founded as a one-man shop in 2002 by President, Tim Allard. Having worked for larger companies like Hitchiner Manufacturing, he had the opportunity to hone his skills as a machinist on an impressive array of equipment including a high-speed Roku Roku, 5-axis Hermle machines with Heidenhain Controls, and some high-end Makinos.

There’s really no other probing system out there (that I’m aware of) that gives you the flexibility that DATRON probing does.

The Industry: Aerospace

The Customer: RapidDTM

Located in Amherst, NH, RapidDTM specializes in tooling, product design, CMM Inspection, reverse engineering, machining operations, prototyping, and small production lots.