QC Precision Case Study

Low Volume/High Mix: Small Part Manufacturing in Electronics

In the 1960’s and ‘70’s Bill Devine, did tours of duty both in Vietnam and working at Excellon selling equipment to printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers. In 1978, he set out on his own and founded QC Drilling, Inc. in Alston, MA to provide subcontracted drilling and routing services to the now burgeoning PCB industry.

They needed a cnc machine that could expand their capabilities, while matching the efficiency and agility they had already achieved with the back office technology — and that would integrate with it.

“It plays into our business model. The DATRON equipment is booked even though we haven’t scratched the surface in terms of what it can do. It’s robust technology and the possibilities are limitless… and that means the profit potential is too.”

The Industry: Electronics/Connectors

The Customer: QC Precision

Located in Salem, NH, QC Precision is a cutting-edge machine shop that specializes in custom plastic manufacturing and is known for moving products from costing to prototype to end-product delivery in one swift, seamless process.