Milling and Engraving Plates, Tags, Panels and Signage

The meteoric rise of IntelliCAM Custom Products in Greenville, Wisconsin could be attributed to entrepreneurial prowess, a bit of blind faith in Datron CNC equipment… or a combination of both. One thing for sure, is that the company’s success is a direct result of decisions made by owner, Trevor Welson.

“After purchasing the Datron machines, our productivity increased by 60% and jobs that used to take a week to complete were finished in two days! We were already doing panels, but the Datrons make production seamless… they rout them, automatically change tools and engrave them and the alcohol coolant that they use eliminates secondary operations like degreasing.

The Industry Architectural Signage

The Customer: IntelliCAM

Located in Greenville, WI, IntelliCAM specializes in the industrial design and manufacture of branded, functional and informative products that provide solutions to many industrial applications.