Imagine Milling Case Study

5 Axis Machining Titanium Implants for Dental Restoration

CAD/CAM dentistry is a very unique industry – the range of applications and materials vary almost as much as the types of machines used to produce them. Entry-level machines are typically tabletop mills, which only require a small initial investment, are easy to integrate, and can cut a variety of soft materials such as wax, plastics, and pre-sintered zirconium oxide (zirconia).

But the DATRON is just so reliable that I could hire a dental technician to control it, put jobs in overnight, and know that the parts will be ready when I come in the next day.

The Industry: Dental

The Customer: Imagine Milling

Located in Chantilly, VA, Imagine Milling help clients more easily navigate dentistry’s digital transition so they can deliver the highest quality and cost-effective implant prosthetics to their customers while maximizing profitability.